Solar Panel Tables – How Do They Work?

Solar Panel Tables – How Do They Work?

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If you’re a fan of two-in-one inventions, you’ll love what solar panel tables bring to the… table! These handy designs make camping trips, outdoor parties, and isolated areas less boring. 

Available in different designs to match any aesthetic, solar panel tables are the new thing. They’re functional, mobile, and modern! If you don’t have one, you’re undoubtedly missing out. Solar panel tables turn a standard furniture piece into a mini renewable energy source. 

In this article, I explain what solar panel tables are, how they work, list their pros and cons, and give examples of where they can be super useful!

What Are Solar Panel Tables?

Solar panel tables are no more than their name suggests. 

They’re solar panels made to look like and be used as outdoor tables. The bonus of these tables is that they can harvest energy from the sun!

You may come across two types of solar tables when looking for a new addition to your camping equipment. The first is a table that has solar panels built into its tabletop. The second is a regular table with a roof or umbrella built over it. Solar panels are located on the roof or umbrella. These get more sunlight while giving you the added benefit of shade and shelter from the elements. 

How Solar Panel Tables Work

Solar panel tables have PV cells with a glass coating that allows them to catch the sun’s rays. They use these rays to create a flow of electricity. 

The sun doesn’t need to be shining for you to use the panel for electricity. There’s a battery installed at the bottom that saves electricity for future use. 

These panels harvest extra electricity during the day to charge their batteries. You can use as much power as you need at night or at least until the batteries run empty.

You can connect your solar table to whatever appliance you want to run with solar energy. If the device isn’t too heavy on power, the electricity flow generated by the solar table panels will run through and power them. 

Solar tables typically have a built-in inverter to change a DC to a usable AC

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The Pros and Cons of Solar Panel Tables

The Pros of Solar Panel Tables

Mobile: Solar tables are light and easy to use anywhere you want. They can join you on your camping trip, and you can pick them up and move them when you need more sunlight. 

Multiple Uses: Your solar table can be used when camping, for a sunrise breakfast, or at a pool party. There really is no limit as to where and how you use them.

You can charge your cell phone, play music on speakers or even run your laptop with your solar table. It makes for a great entertainment station and conversation starter at any event.

No Running Cost: It costs nothing to use a solar table. Apart from the cost of buying one, they are entirely free to use. Once you’ve bought one, your immediate expenses stop. The only money you’ll have to take out in the future is for maintenance and battery or inverter replacement. 

Water Resistant: You don’t have to rush to move your table as soon as a cloud turns dark. Solar tables can take some splashing and raindrops.

You really shouldn’t try using them in a pool or river, though. They aren’t completely waterproof. 

The Cons of Solar Panel Tables

Pricey: The initial cost of these tables can be high, depending on the brand you choose. If you buy a large table, you’ll also pay more.

Not A Replacement: There is no way for you to replace your whole house’s power source with solar tables. Unless you live in a shoebox! 

These tables are only meant to be used as an additional power source for laptops and cell phone chargers.

High Maintenance: Solar tables need regular cleaning to work efficiently. Too much dirt or dust on the glass panels can block sunrays from reaching their PV cells. This will influence the power you get from your table. 

The Best Uses for Solar Panel Tables


Unless you’re the wild type, you’ll certainly want some electricity on your next camping trip!

Solar tables are the perfect addition to your RV. They’re easy to pack up and take with you and will generate enough power to keep your cell phone, WiFi router, and laptop running. 

You can now watch how-to videos on YouTube when you get stuck on a project or binge your favorite series next to the bonfire. Just plug your laptop into the solar table, and you’re all set. 

It will generate all the electricity you need to make your trip convenient while you sit and eat a nice fried egg… on the table! 

Outdoor Entertainment 

If you like taking trips to the beach or having parties in an open field, solar tables will become your favorite accessory! Tables are mainly required at these events. What better way than providing one that doubles as a power source?

A solar table setup will provide room for snacks and power points for cell phones, speakers, and laptops. 

You can use these tables as a permanent outdoor solution in your garden or impress your guests with them at your next party. 

Before Powering Off

Solar tables are fit for the future! No matter where you go, you’ll need a table at some point. With this innovative design, you can have a spot to place your snacks and enjoy meals while also generating power for your most needed devices. If the panels on your solar table are strong enough, you’ll have enough energy to power simple appliances too. 

No matter the design, size, or strength you’re looking for, there’s a solar table for you! Shop online or visit your nearest solar stores to see what they offer.

I hope you liked reading this article and found it helpful. If you’d like me to cover more similar topics or have any questions, let me know in the comments!

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