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Today, the world is facing ongoing global crises, like climate change and environmental degradation, which are affecting the lives of every living species on the planet. These catastrophes are nothing but products of human ignorance.

However, in the midst of all, many people and organizations have taken steps to stop climate change and to advance towards alternative fuels and clean technology.

The recent developments in renewables, especially solar technology, have shown a promising, better future. Although the fight with oil & gas is not over yet, the renewable sector has been growing at a good pace.

Despite much false propaganda by oil companies and efforts to suppress real issues, the solar industry has thrived and will continue to flourish in the future.

SolarSena is one of the many websites on the internet that is completely dedicated to solar technology.

Here, you will find informative articles on photovoltaic, solar thermal, and do-it-yourself (DIY) solar. The content and tools on this website are written to educate and create awareness of solar energy among people in the best possible way.

Aim aims to help ordinary people like you better understand solar energy and promote its use.


“Solar is Future”

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