Best Rated Solar Camping Lantern

Best Rated Solar Camping Lantern

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The most versatile and environment-friendly tool nowadays is the solar camping lantern which you either use at your home or take along on camping trips. These solar camping lanterns are the best alternative to flashlights, spotlights that use batteries, and even mobile flashlights. These lights offer a bright and efficient lighting system with multiple LED lights that keep running for long periods of time. So here is a complete review to help you find the best rated solar camping lantern that suits your needs the most.

How does a solar camping lantern work?

A solar camping lantern uses the photovoltaic effect as the working mechanism. In any solar lantern, the solar or photovoltaic cell is an essential component. These cells work by capturing the sunlight and converting solar energy into electricity. The solar cells are coated with multiple layers of crystalline silicon which help in generating the current. This current is then transferred to the solar battery so that it remains completely charged whenever needed. The solar camping lantern is charged during the day in the presence of sunlight and at night, it automatically turns on as the photoreceptors detect darkness. This whole process is monotonous and will keep in going with proper maintenance and care of the solar lanterns providing you bright light when you are on the go.

Types of solar camping lanterns

Following are the types of solar camping lanterns:


These solar lanterns inflate like a balloon and can also compress like an accordion and are, therefore, the most common type of solar camping lantern. By collapsing, their size reduces to less than half an inch making them convenient for storage and carrying.


These are non-compressible solar camping lanterns, also called fixed lanterns. They come in wide varieties ranging from traditional lanterns to small blocks.

String lights

These are relatively new and are like a string of Christmas lights powered by the sunlight. They allow you to illuminate the camping area effectively.

USB rechargeable

These solar camping lights provide a new charging option to the 100% solar-powered lanterns. These lanterns are 2-in-1 and can be charged using solar energy or through a USB port. These are of three different types i.e., compressible, fixed, or string type lanterns.

Choosing the right solar camping lantern

 Following are the points to keep in mind while buying a solar camping lantern:

Lightweight: Look for a lantern that is lightweight and portable so that you can carry it easily during outdoor activities.

Charging and working time: When buying read the specifications carefully to know about the charging and working time of the solar lanterns. Look for the lanterns that have fast charging time and work longer.

Waterproof: Buy a lantern that is able to withstand outdoor weather conditions such as rain, snow and is also durable. Buy the one that works well in all types of weather.

Charging options: It is helpful when you have multiple charging options such as solar and USB ports. In cloudy or colder weather, alternate charging options can come in handy.

Others: Other factors you may want to consider are design, pattern, color, hanging options, and good warranty terms when selecting the solar camping lantern.

Best rated solar camping lantern- Top 5 picks

1- SUAOKI Solar Camping Lantern

First on our list is the SUAOKI camping lantern owing to its wide range of user-friendly features such as portability, lightweight, foldable design, and versatility. You can easily fold it to pack down in a handy backpack and later use it for lighting in the evening. In addition, this solar lantern offers dual charging modes i.e., USB and solar. The built-in charging indicator allows you to monitor the effectiveness of charging and the time remaining till complete charging. Another useful feature is that you can use the lantern as a power bank for charging mobiles or other small devices during a camping tour.

Key features:

  • The lantern has 3 light adjustment modes i.e., high, low, and SOS.
  • Offers two charging methods thus providing longer runtime in the wilderness.
  • Provides run time of 10 hours in low mode and 5 hours in high mode.


  • Light in weight, durable and compact
  • Can be used as a flashlight in the dark as well as a power bank for charging gadgets
  • Equipped with a charging indicator so you can know if the lantern is getting enough solar power for charging


  • Bugs, dirt, and dust can easily get inside the lantern
  • Not water-resistant thus needs cover on rainy days.

2- AGPTEK solar camping lantern

If you are planning to go on a camping tour in the wilderness where there is no chance of electricity availability then this solar lantern is the most reliable gadget to carry along. AGPTEK lantern offers 5 different charging modes. You can charge it using AAA batteries, wall socket, car adaptor, cranking the dynamo, or solar energy. Therefore, there is no risk of getting short of power. Due to the built-in high-performance polycrystalline solar panels, the lumen output of this lantern is higher than other products available in the market.

Key features:

  • Provides two brightness modes.
  • Offers 5 different charging modes.
  • Consists of 36 LED lights for excellent lumen output.


  • Great build quality and high durability
  • Acts like a power bank for charging gadgets
  • Polycrystalline solar panels provide high charging efficiency


  • Heavy in weight and thus little difficult to carry in a backpack
  • Rechargeable AAA batteries are not provided with the lantern

3- D.Light S30 portable solar lantern

If you are looking for a light in weight, portable, and high-performance solar lantern then the D.Light S30 is an ideal choice. Although it does not provide additional features such as a power backup source like other lanterns, it provides what it promises. Excellent lighting and efficient solar charging are two guaranteed features. Moreover, the light offers USB charging mode too as a backup option. In addition, the lantern features 3 different brightness modes for adjusting the lumen output depending upon the user’s need.

Key features:

  • Features a battery capacity of 450 mAh.
  • Offers a decent run-time of 12 hours once completely charged.
  • The lantern comes with 3 brightness modes.
  • Provides dual charging options i.e., solar energy and USB.


  • Can be clipped to the roof as a handy hanging handle is provided
  • Provides high charging efficiency even on cloudy days
  • Good build quality and offers high durability


  • Little bulky in size but can be managed

4- Odoland rechargeable solar lantern

The Odoland solar lantern offers a range of additional features allowing it to stand out from other options available in the market. It has a collapsible design, thus allowing easy adjustment in any confined space. You can completely fold it down and carry it in your backpack or pocket. When folded it measures only 2.2 x 2.4 inches. Moreover, the solar lantern features 3 brightness modes i.e., cold white (150 lumens), high warm white (90 lumens), low warm white (20 lumens). If you are searching for a best rated solar camping lantern, do not forget to check this out.

Key features:

  • Compact, foldable design and thus is easy to carry.
  • Features dual charging modes i.e., USB and solar energy.
  • Provides 3 brightness modes.
  • The lantern has a run time of 5 hours at cold white mode, 7 hours at high warm white mode, 20 hours at low warm white mode.


  • Charging indicator is present which allows you to know the charging status
  • Comes with a collapsable carabiner
  • The lampshade glows in the dark after use
  • Provides both warm light and white light


  • The expandable section of the lantern is not properly sealed therefore, dirt and dust usually gets inside

5- TANSOREN portable LED camping lantern

This is the lantern certainly every home needs. You can use it for various purposes such as work light, book reading, or as part of your emergency kit for outdoor activities. The lantern provides 3 charging options including AA battery, solar panel, or wall socket using grid electricity. It has unmatched durability due to its military-grade water-resistant plastic. The base of the solar lantern has 4 magnets attached therefore one can easily place it on any metal surface.

Key features:

  • Equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery and solar panel
  • Provides multiple charging options
  • Weather-resistant and durable
  • Features 2 lighting modes


  • Collapsible design allows you to easily place it in the bag and carry it along
  • The presence of 4 base magnets facilitates its clipping on a metal surface.
  • Serves as a power bank also for charging android devices


  • Does not support charging of Apple devices
  • Average lumen output


When you are looking for options that not only save energy costs but also help protect the environment, a solar camping lantern is the best option. It works just like a regular light and can effectively light up your camping sites and tents. We hope our review is able to help you in choosing the best rated solar camping lantern which makes your camping experience convenient and will add color and ambiance to the whole experience. Happy camping!

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