Best Solar Shower with Pump

Best Solar Shower with Pump

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Outings, hiking, and camping activities become a lot more fun if you can get yourself clean after a long day on the trail. However, being able to manage the supply of clean water out in the wilderness seems not more than a wishful thinking. The only water source in the mountains is cold lakes formed by the melting of glaciers. The good news is that now we have solar portable showers to solve this problem. You can easily pack up and carry along a hot shower and use it anytime in the spring, summer, and autumn months. Solar showers not only provide the campers with clean runny water but also are very handy in other ways. Thus, one can use them for washing clothes and even cleaning cooking utensils used during camping.

The high versatility level along with compact, portable design and multifaceted applications make solar showers a must-have for camping and hiking tours.  Nowadays, solar showers are available in different dimensions and shapes. However, the basic design remains quite similar. The showers consist of a water reservoir for holding water along with a hose and shower head for controlling the water flow. With so many options to choose from, finding the best solar shower with pump can become a challenging job especially without a vivid idea in mind. Keeping this in consideration, we have shortlisted for you the best 5 solar showers with pump along with their key features, pros, and cons.

Woking of a Solar Shower

Solar showers use solar energy for heating up water and thus allow you to take hot showers anywhere. It comprises a compact, light in weight, and simple design consisting of three parts i.e., reservoir, hose, and the showerhead. The water is heated up within the bag. In order to keep the water warm, the bag is made of insulating, heat-absorbing material. In order to speed up the water heating process, it is best to place the bag on a flat surface with the absorbing dark-colored side facing the sunlight. Once the water is heated, it is placed on the shower for use. Moreover, in some models, a built-in battery as a back-up power source is also present to heat up the water on colder days.


Following are some advantages of solar showers:

  1. It is an eco-friendly product as it is powered by solar energy and does not contribute to pollution and global warming.
  2. Solar showers are cost-effective in the long run as you do not need to worry about the utility bills.
  3. As the solar showers have a simple design and comprise of only three major parts, therefore, their installation is very easy. In most cases, solar showers require no installation.
  4. It is a great product for maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of campers and hikers. Moreover, garden owners can also use it for cleaning up after the garden work. Similarly, swimmers can also rinse themselves with hot water after swimming.

Buyer’s Guide

With a large range of types and designs of solar showers available in the market, choosing the one which can best fit your needs sometimes becomes a daunting task. Following are some key aspects which you should consider before making a choice:

  1. Capacity of the water bag: It is important to consider this factor before selecting a solar shower. The bag is a pivotal component of the solar shower as the absorption of solar energy and water heating is based on it. Therefore, it should have the capacity to hold an amount of water enough for at least one to two quick showers.
  2. Thermometer: Consider buying models that come with a built-in thermometer. This will allow you to get an indication if the water inside the bag is hot or lukewarm.
  3. Type: Three types of solar showers are usually available in the market. These include bag solar showers, gravity-fed showers, and pressurized showers. The former is perfect for hikers and campers while the latter two are also best for in-home use.
  4. Material: Good models usually come with high quality and durable material and components. For the bag, make sure that it is composed of absorbent insulated material. Prefer ones with darker colors. The hose should be made of thick, weather-resistant material. Prefer hoses with large diameter and wider outlets.

Best Solar Shower with Pump- Top 5 Picks

We have shortlisted the best five options available in the market based on positive customer reviews, key features, and brand reputation.

1- Coleman 5-Gallon Solar Shower

It is a portable shower system allowing you to have a hot shower anywhere while conserving electricity. The bag can hold water which is enough for multiple showers. If you are looking for a large-capacity solar shower for areas with limited water availability, then this solar shower with pump is definitely the best option for you. The bag is composed of high-quality, long-lasting material with an inlet type threaded cap. So, there is no water leakage risk.

Key Features:

  • The bag has a water holding capacity of 5 gallons.
  • The material of the shower bag is thick and durable.
  • The handle is strong and makes it easy to carry the shower.
  • Easy use and installation.

2- KIPIDA Solar Shower

A perfect product to carry along on tours or for any sort of outdoor use such as fishing, hunting, or self-driving. It has a compact and portable design. The bag of this shower is composed of a durable, leak-resistant, and environmentally sound material that has no adverse impact on human health. Also, it is equipped with a hose, showerhead, and water tap for controlling the water levels. Furthermore, the model also features an on-off switch and a low-high water flow adjuster.

Key Features:

  • Possesses the potential to warm-up water to 45°C in just 3-hours when exposed to direct sunlight.
  • The bag has a water holding capacity of up to 5 gallons.
  • Features an on-off switch with water flow adjuster.
  • The material of the shower bag is environmentally friendly.

3- DOTSOG Portable Outdoor Solar Shower

Third on our list for the best solar shower with a pump is the DOTSOG portable shower. It can hold 5 gallons of water which are enough for cleaning hands, brushing teeth, and a brief rinsing. The bag of the shower is made of high-strength PVC material which is environmentally friendly. It has a strong strap for holding and ease of use.

Key Features:

  •  When placed in direct sunlight, this solar shower can heat water to 113°F in 2.5-3 hours.
  • Supports a removable hose.
  • The showerhead features an on-off switch with a low to high water flow controller.
  • SMART black PVC material bag can efficiently absorb solar energy for heating up water.

4- Advanced Elements Solar Shower

Use this solar shower if you want to refresh and clean yourself on a hiking or camping trip. It is an ideal product for outdoor adventures. This shower can hold 5 gallons of water which is sufficient if one wants to take a couple of instant showers and rinses. It has a sleek light-in-weight design and thus is very portable. With its 4-layered design, durability and sturdiness of the product are guaranteed. Moreover, the model features a Velcro strap which is excellent for holding clothes and other things along with a side pocket.

Key Features:

  • Compact design and does not take too much space in your bag.
  • Light in weight and as it weighs only 1 pound.
  • Composed of 4-ply material for extra durability and insulation.

5- Trofoty Solar Shower


Last but the least, on our list is the Trofoty Solar Shower which will allow you to remain fresh during outdoor activities without worrying about warm water. The shower bag is composed of 3-layered PVC material that can hold water safely without the risk of leakage. Additionally, it can hold 5 gallons of water. Once filled to the maximum capacity, you can take 3-4 showers. If you are adventurous and love to travel then this shower is a must-have for you.

Key Features:

  • Upon exposure to direct sunlight, it can raise the water temperature to 113°F in 3 hours.
  • The bag has a water holding capacity of up to 5 gallons.
  • The shower is made of environmentally friendly 3-layer PVC material.
  • The showerhead features an on-off switch and a low to high adjuster for controlling the water yield.


Here we have shortlisted some best picks for solar showers for a comprehensive comparative analysis of the key features. Give it a thorough reading before making a decision so that you can succeed in making the right choice. Finding the right product will enable you to take full advantage of its features in terms of durability, quality, and performance. We hope that you find the perfect solar shower with pump which best fits your requirements. Good Luck!


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