Can a Solar Panel Power a Golf Cart?

Can a Solar Panel Power a Golf Cart?

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your golf cart were powered by solar energy? You’re not alone in thinking like that because many people have come across this question. Batteries power golf carts in general, but when you’re playing 18 rounds, or if you’re playing many times a week, you might have to recharge your golf cart multiple times.

That problem can easily be solved by getting a golf cart that runs on solar power. It’s a simple yet effective way to power your golf carts and get your 18 rounds of golf under your belt. The best part is that a solar panel can power almost every golf cart with a battery. The solar panel can be installed on the golf cart roof and power it much like with a standard car

Adding solar panels to your golf cart is a brilliant initiative as it gives you a renewable source of energy and also makes it  easier to maintain your golf cart. The best part is that you can do everything by yourself without needing the help of a solar power expert to install solar panels on your golf cart. If you’re interested in learning how a solar panel can power a golf cart, you have come to the right place. 

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Can a Solar Panel Power a Golf Cart Fully?

The short answer to this question is yes; a solar panel can power a golf cart. In fact, any golf cart that has rechargeable batteries can be fitted with a solar panel to power it. The best part is that the solar energy will recharge the batteries, so you will never run out of power while playing on the golf course. Lead-acid rechargeable batteries power golf carts, and some golf carts have lithium-ion batteries that power them around the golf course. 

Most golf carts weigh a lot and they must run for hours on the golf course. They are powered by batteries and tend to run 15 to 20 miles on a single charge. You’re going to be going around the golf course during 18 holes, and will need to recharge the golf cart. It’s not always feasible to do that, which is why solar powered golf carts have become so popular these days. 

You can charge a golf cart’s battery by simply plugging it into a power outlet and letting it do the rest. Your golf cart will be fully charged by the end of a couple of hours, but what if you don’t have enough time to wait around for your golf cart to be fully charged? That’s where solar panels come into the picture since they are charged by the sun and can run for a longer time than traditional golf cart batteries. 

Charging Golf Cart Batteries with Solar Panels 

Almost every golf cart with rechargeable batteries, which, as we mentioned above, can be charged with a solar panel. You will need a solar panel charging kit, and you’re good to go, as most of these batteries are used in solar panels. So you will not have any problems going around the course with a solar panel-powered golf cart. 

Another thing you should know is that most golf cart batteries are either 48V or 36V and need to be charged regularly. So, if you’re getting a solar panel charger for these batteries, you must ensure that it meets the needs of the current battery. For instance, if the solar panel is for 18V, you will need two of them to power a 36V battery and three for powering a 48V battery. 

You will need to ensure that the solar panel’s size also fits the golf cart battery when it is installed, as there are certain specifics that you must get right. It’s possible to fit solar panels on your golf cart, but if the golf cart’s roof doesn’t have enough space, you will need to reconsider your options. That would mean getting solar panels that are small enough to fit onto your golf cart. 

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How to Convert a Golf Cart to Solar Power?

The first step toward converting a golf cart to solar power is recognizing the size of the overall golf cart and the voltage capacity of its batteries. You will find different powered golf cart batteries that run the golf cart. You must find solar panels that match your golf cart’s voltage requirements and then have enough space to mount them on top of its roof. 

The maximum voltage battery of a golf cart is 48V, and you will need to find a solar panel that is big enough to match with and recharge that golf cart battery. It shouldn’t be too hard to find one big enough in the market and you will need to consider how to install it onto the roof of your golf cart. Once it has been installed, you must look at the wiring of the solar panel and ensure that it fits snugly onto the golf cart. 

Almost every golf cart with an electric battery can be converted into a solar-powered golf cart. It’s a simple process and one that doesn’t take up a lot of your time as well. In fact, you can easily convert your golf cart battery into a solar-powered one quite easily. All you will need is a manual, and you can go about converting your electric golf cart into a solar-powered one. It is a DIY project that doesn’t take up much time and can be done by the average person without any technical prowess. 


Electric golf carts need to be plugged in to be charged, which can be frustrating when you’re playing 18 rounds of golf. The best way to ensure that you don’t have any problems while playing golf is to convert your electric golf cart into a solar-powered one. That way, you won’t have any issues with the golf cart running out of juice, and you can play your 18 rounds of golf without needing to plug your golf cart into a charger. 

The solar panels will be installed on the golf cart’s roof and provide enough power for the golf cart to run for a long time. Also, converting your electric golf cart into a solar-powered golf cart is a simple process and doesn’t require much technical expertise on your behalf.

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