Do Rollable Solar Panels Exist? The Facts!

Do Rollable Solar Panels Exist? The Facts!

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If you’re tired of mounting and unmounting solar panels when camping, you’re probably looking for an easier solution. Rollable solar panels are your answer!

Solar panel technology has significantly advanced over the years. The newest inventions are fit for the future!

In this article, I share just how real rollable solar panels are, why you’d want to buy them, where you can use them, and list their most common pros and cons.

Rollable Solar Panels: Are They Real?

These rollable versions are light, flexible solar panels that can literally be rolled up and carried anywhere. 

These panels are completely real. They’re available at many solar shops and online. You can do a quick Google search or head to your nearest store if you still have doubts!

Rollable solar panels were designed to bring you a portable solar panel solution. Sometimes it’s impossible to mount a large, bulky panel onto a roof. These are slim and have small battery packs to keep them light and mobile. 

Most fishermen and yacht or boat owners use reliable solar panels on the water. It’s easy for them to roll these open and harvest some usable power.

Reasons To Buy Rollable Solar Panels

You don’t always have the time or energy to affix a massive solar panel to your camping site or boat. Sometimes you also can’t make holes because they could lead to water leaks or a lower property value. This is an excellent reason to invest in some rollable solar panels.

They don’t need to be affixed to anything, and you can roll them open wherever you want. You can even pick them up and move them as the position of the sun changes to get more sunlight.

Other reasons to get a rollable solar panel include their weight and flexibility. Some objects can’t carry the weight of heavy things or have oddly shaped surfaces.

When camping in a tent, you don’t even have a surface to begin with. In this case, you can roll your solar panel out on the ground next to your tent. 

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How and Where to Use Rollable Solar Panels

On Boat Trips

There’s a lot of sunlight exposure on a boat. Rolling solar panels are perfect if you need to use your cellphone or any other device while on your trip.

I’m sure you don’t want to bring your 40lb solar panel and have it take up all your precious space!

During Camping Trips

Camping can be a wild experience, but not everyone likes it that way. 

Take your rollable solar panel with you if you prefer glamping or at least just using your phone or a nightlight to read a book. You can roll out your panel anywhere you want, and it will harvest sunlight to give you usable electricity. If you connect it to a battery, you’ll have power at night too.

At Home

There are many uses for rollable solar panels in the comfort of your home. 

You can use it next to the pool to charge your speaker while listening to music or create a grow light setup for indoor plants. 

On Hunting Trips

Hunting isn’t a glamorous sport. If you’re not a fan, you might need some entertainment while the others are out looking for meat.

You can use your solar panel to charge your cellphone or watch movies on your laptop. If you have a camera, use your rollable solar panels to charge it so you can capture everything you experience in photos or video!

At Festivals or Markets

Whether you have a stall at the market with a solar powered food truck or are just visiting, you can use the rollable solar panel to add some comfort to the long days.

Use your panel to keep a TV on at your stall for little how-to videos or informational ads about your products. You can also use these panels for lights, fans, or cell phone chargers. If you offer free 5-minute quick recharges, your stall will be booming!

At Pop Up Shops

Many pop-up shops are located in areas without access to electricity. These areas are usually on a beach or in the middle of a shopping center.

You can use rollable solar panels to power anything at your pop-up shop. These panels are strong enough to keep anything from cell phones to a LED sign that draws attention on!

The Pros and Cons of Rollable Solar Panels

The Pros of Rollable Solar Panels 

Fit Any Surface: Rollable solar panels are incredibly flexible, and you can roll them out onto any surface, no matter the texture. They don’t need to be affixed or mounted.

Portable: You can take these solar panels anywhere, from the beach to the forest. They roll up into an easy-to-handle size, and it’s effortless to set them up where you need them.

Cheaper: Great news! Rollable solar panels have a much lower initial cost than regular solar panels. This makes your investment much more affordable.

The Cons of Rollable Solar Panels

Less Effective: The biggest disadvantage of rollable solar panels is that they don’t harvest as much usable energy as traditional, bulky solar panels. 

You wouldn’t be able to run your entire house or large appliances on these solar panels. 

Not As Durable: Since these panels are designed to be lightweight and flexible, they aren’t made with the same durable materials as standard panels.

The lightweight materials tend to not be as durable and robust as the hard materials you would find on a mountable solar panel.

In Conclusion

Rollable solar panels might sound like something from the future, but they’re real, and they’re here! 

If you need portable power on camping adventures, while road tripping, or in isolated areas, they’ve got you covered. Rollable solar panels are lightweight, easy to use, and affordable.

I hope you liked reading this article and have the info you needed about reliable solar panels. If you have more questions or something to add, leave them in the comments!

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