Do Solar Powered Washers and Dryers Work?

Do Solar Powered Washers and Dryers Work?

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Solar powered washers and dryers can help you save energy and reduce your carbon footprint. But do they really work?

Washing and drying clothes is an everyday task that needs to be done. If you can’t afford to send your clothes to the laundromat weekly, you’ll have to own a reliable washing and drying machine at home. 

Solar powered devices have made our lives more convenient for some time now. Whether you’re trying to reduce your electricity bill or like living modernly while off the grid, these inventions have you covered

In this article, I share whether washers and dryers can efficiently be powered by solar panels and list their pros and cons.

Powering Washers and Dryers With Solar Panels: Is It Possible?

Going off the grid is much more convenient when you can wash and dry your clothes. 

Luckily, there are small washers available that you can power with solar energy. They use less power and have shorter spin cycles than regular washers. You’ll be able to clean your clothes without negatively impacting your eco-footprint.

Dryers are a little harder to power, but it’s still possible. The dryer you choose shouldn’t have a large element to heat. One that uses air would be an even better fit for solar energy. 

If you’re limited on space, you can look for a washer-dryer combo. These are typically in the form of a twin tub with the washer on one side and a dryer on the other, but you can also find them both in one tub. These machines are optimized to use less power. 

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The Pros and Cons of Powering Washers and Dryers With Solar Panels

The Pros of Powering Washers and Dryers With Solar Panels

It Creates An Off-Grid Washing Solution

Even if you prefer to live off the grid, you can still wash and dry your clothes modernly with solar powered washers and dryers. 

You don’t need to resort to getting out a washboard and clothing line. Just set your washer and dryer up on their own or connect them to your home or RV solar system.

It’s Environmentally Friendly 

If you’re looking for a way to save the planet little by little, this is it! Solar powered washers and dryers are the most eco-friendly way to do your household chores. 

By switching over to solar power, no fossil fuels get burnt in the process of washing and drying your clothes. 

It Can Be Used Anywhere

With solar powered washers and dryers, there are no limits on where to use them. 

If they’re compact enough, you can take them in your RV or on your next camping trip. You can even permanently install them into your RV for all future road trips. 

It Saves Money

A massive benefit of a solar powered washer and dryer is the money it saves you monthly. 

Solar power is entirely free to use as much as you want! You can save hundreds on your electric bill by simply changing your washer and dryer to solar. 

It Can Be Used Day And Night

Despite what you may think, solar power isn’t just available in the daytime when the sun is shining. 

You can use your washer and dryer anytime you want. If you have a battery pack that charges full during the day, you can put a load in at night and just dry it in the morning!

The Cons of Powering Washers and Dryers With Solar Panels

It Needs A Lot Of Solar Power

Large washers and dryers will need a large amount of electricity. While it does depend on the brand, model, and how you use it, these washers and dryers typically use a lot of power. You might need an extra panel or two to efficiently run them. 

Some washers and dryers could require more than 1000W. The average watts of a regular solar panel are 200 to 300. Before you purchase a solar powered washer or dryer for your RV, ensure you have enough space to fit the solar panels you’ll need.

It Has A High Initial Cost 

It can be expensive to buy new washers and dryers, whether solar powered or not. Consider an eco-friendly option if yours is on the way out and you’re looking at new ones.

On top of the washer and dryer cost, you’ll also have to install solar panels. This can push your bill even further up, but you’ll make your investment back over time. 

Within a few months or years, your entire system will run cost-free!

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Powering Washers and Dryers with Solar Panels: The Verdict

After reading all this info, you might be a little confused. Should you invest in a solar powered washer and dryer or simply add new solar panels to your existing machines?

I suggest you do either!

If you’re looking for a new set, investing in a solar powered washer and dryer is a great option. If you have perfectly good machines, adding solar panels will save you money. 

Setting up a solar washer and dryer can be a good investment for your RV. They’ll make life on the road a little easier and save you laundromat money. 

These machines aren’t recommended for big families or regular washers. You definitely shouldn’t overload them or use them daily.

If your house is powered with solar panels that could handle the extra load of a washer and dryer, adding your traditional machines to your grid should be a given!

In Conclusion

If they’re within your budget, you should invest in a solar powered washer and dryer. These machines can make your life on the road more convenient and save you money at home. If you always have a place to line dry your clothes, you can ditch the dryer and invest in a better solar washing machine!

You can also connect your existing machines to a solar grid. This will reduce your eco-impact and power bill.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you have more questions, ask them in the comment section!


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