How to make solar lights brighter

How to make solar lights brighter

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An innovative idea these days for energy resources is that of solar light. Since we receive sunlight naturally at our homes, therefore we can now use solar energy for generating electricity. For many decades we are using fossil fuel-based resources for generating electricity however, fossil fuels are a major source of environmental pollution and are also non-renewable. An environment-friendly and renewable energy resource is solar power on the other hand. Although solar lights are expensive, they are also the best form of sustainable energy. So, we provide a complete guide to how to make solar lights brighter for those who are enjoying this product.

Methods to make solar lights brighter

1- Cleaning the solar panel

The very first method is to clean the solar panels. The most essential component in generating electricity is the solar panel. They are made from tiny cells that absorb the solar energy from the sun and then convert it into electricity. Since solar panels are placed outdoors, there are chances that may get dirty due to the accumulation of dust or they may attract snow or water on their surface. These particles of dust of snow can block the sunlight from reaching the cells of the panel which will consequently affect the amount of electricity being produced.

In such situations, the solar panels’ surface needs to be cleaned. Cleaning is not an easy task since everything is connected with electricity and battery therefore, you need to pay more attention while cleaning the panels. You will require a proper cleaning brush to clean the panels. Use a detergent with water after removing the dust particles and snow to clean the solar panels thoroughly. After that clean the panels with a dry and clean cloth.

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2- Checking the batteries

Another important thing you can do to make solar lights brighter is to check the batteries. The main component of the panels is the batteries so they need regular checking. The energy coming from the sunlight is stored in the batteries therefore, these batteries store the generated electricity which is then transferred ahead to bulbs or other electrical equipment.

Although these batteries and durable and long-lasting but they still cannot survive the complete life cycle of the solar panels. Once they are not working properly; the new batteries should be replaced with older ones. Since old batteries that have expired can damage the solar panels due to corrosion. To remove the batteries, you need to study the manual and check where the batteries are placed. Check for leaks, white powder, or dust around the compartment of the batteries after removal. If there is then clean the compartment with grit sandpaper and then place the new batteries. Make sure the compartment is wiped using a clean cloth.

3- Exposure to sunlight

The concept of installing solar panels is quite simple however, some people tend to misinterpret and install the panels in the wrong place. Therefore, the most important thing is the location of the solar panels. The number of sunlight hours needed to charge the solar panels will be specified by the light manufacturer. Most people place their solar panels in the garden thinking that there will be enough exposure. However, they do not realize that the sunlight might get covered due to trees and bushes during the afternoon which will prevent it from reaching the panels.

So, it is important to place your panels in the right place which gets direct sunlight. You need to observe the places in your garden and the terrace so that you can find the ideal place which receives maximum sunlight and place your panels there. Furthermore, this will help make the solar lights bright. Moreover, make sure you clean your panels regularly every month so that you can identify if there is anything which is wrong.

4- Daytime monitoring 

It is crucial to ensure that there is no dirt or debris deposited on the surface. The deposition of dirt and other impurities can impact the lumen output and eventually block the light from reaching you. As a result, the light’s brightness will be reduced by many folds. So, you should regularly check that if the surface of the panel is clean and clear from any dirt. Regular cleaning of the solar panels helps in removing the deposited dust, allowing you to make the solar lights brighter.

For cleaning, the best formula is to use a mild detergent and high-pressure water output. Wipe the surface of the panel with water and detergent solution. Once the detergent is removed by wiping with clean water twice thrice, use a dry soft cloth to absorb the remaining water. It is important to thoroughly dry the panels as the water droplets also leave their stain if not dried. Cleaning enhances the efficiency of the PV cells by allowing more sunlight to reach the panel.

Solar light usually uses a battery for storing the generated electricity. These batteries, like any other battery, require regular maintenance. You need to constantly check if the batteries for their expiry or corrosion. If so, you should not wait long to replace them. Expired batteries also lead to poor solar light brightness. However, if the solar lights are not getting brighter after all the monitoring and maintenance activities, then you should contact the solar contractor. The contractor will send a team of professionals who will offer you the best advice in this regard.

5- Consider Purchasing High-Quality Solar Panels

These days, different qualities of solar panels are available in the market. People often make a big mistake by choosing low-quality panels due to their less cost. Therefore, in the long, they often face some issues. If you want to avoid these problems, never compromise on panel quality and always go for high-quality solar panels.

Moreover, a thorough market survey and comparison of available products is important before making a choice. This can help in deciding and choosing the right solar panel which suits your power needs and has long-term performance efficiency. If you want to install solar panels of high quality in your garden, the area should be empty and without trees and bushes.

6- Removing Unnecessary Parts

At times, doing some little adjustments in terms of removing specific parts from solar lights can help in making them many folds brighter. Following are some steps you can take in this regard:

  • Thoroughly check if there are some plastic parts or objects which might be creating hindrance in the passage of light. Blocked passage of light leads to poor energy generation, eventually impacting the lumen output.
  • Try to make your own battery light holder. You can use two springs and glue them together to design a conventional battery setup, which many of us might be familiar with.
  • Check if the top lid of the light can be removed. The lid usually prevents the sunlight from reaching the solar cells thus negatively impacting the power generation efficiency of the panels. However, note that the lid serves as a protective cover to shield the internal components of the light from rain and dirt.


There can be various ways to increase the solar light’s brightness. This is of particular consideration if the solar light is old or not maintained and cleaned regularly. Solar lights are present in outdoor spaces, thus they are prone to all types of weather conditions and environmental factors, most importantly impurities such as dust, dirt, and debris. In general, solar lights are low maintenance products if compared with conventional power lights. However, it’s not as if there is no requirement for regular cleaning or monitoring. If you want your solar lights to function to the best of their potential, you should adhere to the regular maintenance procedures as explained in this article. Otherwise, the brightness of the light is very likely to fade out with time.

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