How to Protect Your Solar Panels from Theft

How to Protect Your Solar Panels from Theft

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Solar panel theft might not be prevalent in your area, but securing your setup is still a good idea. Criminal elements can strike your community at any time. Knowing how to secure your solar panels from theft will put you two steps ahead of them. 

In this article, I share some great ideas for protecting your permanent and mobile solar panels from criminals!

Protect Your Solar Panels From Theft

The theft of solar panels has become quite popular, and the culprits are selling them on the internet. Sometimes, they’ll even sell your investment for less than 10% of its worth. 

Luckily, there are many ways to protect your solar panels from becoming the next victim. 

Motion Detecting Lights

You can install motion-detecting lights around your solar panels. These lights will turn on if they detect any movement at night.

Criminals rarely want to be seen while they’re busy committing a crime, and they’ll either stay away or run for the hills. 

Alarms And Security Cameras

Connecting your solar panels to your alarm system is a great way to curb theft. The alarm will go off if anyone starts tampering with your panels. 

You can also install cameras that record the area where your panels are located. 


Using links to hold your panels together will make them harder to steal. Links create double the work since the panels need to be unlinked before they can be lifted. The weight of linked panels is too heavy to carry. 

Most criminals will look for an easier target, but if they don’t, you’ll probably hear the racket before they get away.


You can mount your solar panels to your roof. It’s best to use theft-proof screws of hex bolts that can’t be opened with a regular screwdriver. 

If someone attempts to remove the screws, it’ll take them a while, and they may even have to come back with special tools. The hassle will keep most criminals away. 


If your solar panels are on the ground, they’re easier to access. You should add some fencing around them to keep them out of reach. 

Extra fencing provides protection because it adds effort to get to the solar panels. Electric fencing is an even better option to scare off any criminals looking for an opportunity. 

Solar Panel Anti-Theft Clamps

You can use special anti-theft clamps and locks to secure your solar panels to the roof surface. Criminals will need special keys to unlock these clamps. A regular wrench or screwdriver won’t work.

Hide From The Public Eye

Place your solar panels at the back of your house or where they can’t be seen from the street. This way, they won’t attract any unwanted attention. 

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How To Protect Yourself From A Major Loss If Your Solar Panels Get Stolen 

Despite your many efforts, there’s always a possibility that your panels can get stolen. With increasing crime rates, it’s best to get a backup plan. 

Here’s a few things you can do to remedy yourself from a loss or to get your panels back. 


The first thing you can get is solar panel insurance. Many companies offer stand-alone insurance, or you can include your panels in your home insurance plan.

Depending on your chosen plan, the insurance will cover theft by replacing your panels or paying their value.

Add Your Details

Mark your solar panels with your cell phone number and address for people to see if thieves attempt to sell them. You need to place these details in a permanent manner so criminals have a difficult time hiding them.

Someone who spots your information will possibly contact you or inform the police. 

Mark Your Panels

Paint or spray your panels in a color that you’ll quickly identify. This will help you find them afterward and catch the culprits. 

How to Protect Your Portable Solar Panels From Theft

Portable solar panels are great for powering up your electronics during a fishing or camping trip. Unfortunately, they’re easy targets and can be stolen with little effort. 

You can’t always be there to watch over your panels, so you need to take steps to prevent theft. 

Anti-Theft Locks: Lock your panels up if you aren’t able to mount them to anything permanently. Use anti-theft locks that were designed especially for this purpose. Combination bike locks are a cheaper alternative that can do the same task. 

Immobilize Your Panels: Portable solar panels were designed to be mobile and easy to use wherever you find yourself. Sometimes you need to take measures to prevent them from being stolen. If you use your RV and solar panels regularly, you could consider mounting them to your RV’s roof. 

Lighting: Add lighting around and on your portable solar panels. This helps you and others around you see if anything suspicious is happening. Criminals usually work in the dark and will be less likely to steal something in a well-lit spot. 

Alarms And Cameras: Alarms and cameras are known to keep criminals away. If it isn’t possible to use the real deal, you can add some dummy cameras to make it look like the solar panels are under surveillance. A small beeper that goes off as soon as you come close to the panels is a good alternative. 

Bring Them Inside: If you are away from your solar panels for a while, you should put them indoors until you get back. The same goes for nighttime when you’re sleeping and can’t keep a lookout. 

Along with your portable solar panels, other solar products like solar bikes and solar scooters can also be a target for thief’s. Be sure to lock up all your solar products whenever you leave them in a place with easy public access.

Final Words

Before physically securing your solar panels, you need to call around for the best insurance plans that fit your budget. Solar panel insurance will be helpful in the case of theft but also offer assistance when your panels are damaged or broken. 

Even if solar panel theft isn’t common in your community, mounting your system to the roof or hiding it from the public eye is a good safety measure. With these tips, you can protect your solar panels from theft with confidence!

If you have more ideas on how to secure solar panels from theft, share them in the comments!

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