Inflatable solar light review

Inflatable solar light review

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Nowadays the world is adapting to sustainable and renewable energy and solar energy has emerged as the most favorable option. For all those who are tired of conventional lights, the inflatable solar light is made only for you. These lights use natural sunlight to enhance your experience of outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. We present a complete guide about inflatable solar lights along with the top 5 picks to help you choose the one that fits best to your requirements.

Working of an inflatable solar light

Inflatable solar lights consist of an LED lamp, one or more solar panels, and a battery. These lights offer a sustainable and renewable option for charging the lights i.e., using the sunlight. To charge the batteries, the lights are placed under direct sunlight where the solar light gets absorbed by the solar panel. The batteries then illuminate the LED lamps in dark. Batteries can remain charged for days depending on the use. Inflatable solar lights offer ultimate versatility with the best energy efficiency. These lights are self-contained which means you can use them wherever you want to, without requiring wires, plugs, or generators.

Benefits of inflatable solar lights

Following are the benefits of an inflatable solar light:

Illumination: these lights provide bright light when the sun goes down and are totally renewable with no hassle of charging making your outdoor activities extremely easy and enjoyable.

Compact: inflatable solar lights are able to inflate and deflate in order to increase the glow when using them. Upon deflation, their size is reduced and can be easily stored for traveling which makes their handling and storage easier. Since they can reduce to a very small size, therefore they are easy to store.

Renewable: inflatable solar lights use the sunlight for their charging therefore there is no need for batteries or an electricity socket for their charging. You need to only place them under the sunlight and let them charge. Moreover, these solar lights are light and portable. You can take them wherever you require illumination. Also, there is no emission of fumes of any kind as compared to gas-powered lights.

Easy to use: Inflatable solar lights are extremely easy to use as there are no wires, and plugs needed. Moreover, they require zero maintenance. Hence, these devices are the most hassle-free and provide bright light wherever needed.

Top 5 inflatable solar lights

1- MPOWERD Luci Outdoor 2.0: Solar Inflatable Light

This is an inflatable solar light

Luci inflatable solar light is a bright and long-lasting light and is a must-have for any outdoor adventure. It has an output of 75 lumens and has 10 white LED lights. Upon single charging, these solar lights can run up to 24 hours. The solar light supports a lithium-ion battery which is rechargeable. The built-in solar panels are of high efficiency which means no batteries are needed. These batteries can be fully recharged within 7 hours. The MPOWERD Luci outdoor 2.0 is powerful, has a compact size, and is lightweight. Therefore you can take them wherever you want without any hassle. Moreover, it is collapsible to 1.5 inches and weighs only 0.125 kg.

Key features

  • 75 lumens output with 10 LED lights
  • Full recharge in 7 hours
  • Lightweight, waterproof and durable
  • Weighs only 0.125 kg.

2- Kizen Solar Powered LED Camping Lantern

The Kizen solar powered light is the best solar lantern that can be conveniently recharged from virtually anywhere. You do not need to worry about the discharging of batteries as they are completely solar rechargeable. Also, they can be quickly charged from a USB port. These lights have an innovative space design and can be deflated to reduce size up to 2.4 times as compared to their full size. These lights come in various options regarding lighting such as: high lighting mode, low lighting mode and SOS  incase of an emergency. The lantern is also equipped with fail-safes to prevent overcharging and over-discharging so that the circuits do not overheat and blow up.

Key features

  • 2.4 times smaller than the full size
  • 3 lighting modes
  • Smart circuitry for safety
  • 100% moneyback lifetime warranty

3- LuminAID Solar Inflatable Lanterns

These bright solar inflatable lanterns by LuminAID have an output of 75 lumens with multiple brightness settings making them a perfect choice for all kinds of outdoor and indoor activities. These solar lights are light in weight, inflatable, waterproof, shatterproof, and dustproof. They are completely safe for children too. They have a long battery life of up to 24 hours when charged fully. You do not need any additional batteries. LuminAID solar lights have two options for charging i.e., solar charging and USB port charging. It takes around 10 hours to fully recharge using solar light and 1 to 2 hours when using the USB port. These lights are therefore, the best for camping, hiking and other activities.

Key features

  • 75-lumen output
  • Lightin weight, water and dust proof
  • Up to 24 hours long bettery life
  • Two ways recharging

4- ZTARX Inflatable Solar Light

The ZTARX solar light is an inflatable, lightweight light that is a modern version of the older lights. The light can be can opened and closed easily and the whole process is really fast. The snap-lock can also work as a handle to make carrying easier. This solar light is a 2-in one light with 2 charging options available. It has a built-in high-efficiency solar panel for solar charging in about 10 hours and also supports USB charging requiring only 2.5 hours for a full recharge. Moreover, it has four levels of light brightness modes i.e., sleep mode, bright mode, glare mode, and SOS mode. Also, it has 10 LED lights with enhanced brightness. It comes with a waterproof bag made from soft PVC material providing a strong waterproof seal. Therefore, ZTARX solar light is the best option for outdoor activities.

Key features

  • 2-in-1 solar power and USB recharge
  • Easy to use and carry
  • 4 levels of LED brightness
  • Waterproof dry bag

5- Arols Frosted Inflatable Solar Light

The Arols frosted solar light is a 100% solar-powered light which has built-in 10 LED lights with a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. Simply put it under direct sunlight and it takes 8 hours to recharge fully. The solar light has 3 brightness modes providing 40 lumens, 90 lumens, and blinking light for the emergency mode. The light is enclosed in PVC material of high quality protecting it from water erosion and making it suitable for all weather types. You need no additional battery. The design is extremely portable as it has an easy-to-use inflating nozzle making it easy to inflate and deflate. The Arols solar light has a wide range of applications such as camping, hiking, hunting, fishing and can also be used in emergency situations.

Key features

  • 100% solar powered with 10 LED lights and 1000 mAh lithium polymer battery
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Waterproof
  • Portable design

Buyers guide for inflatable solar lights


The inflatable solar lights come in wide varieties. Some look like lanterns while others are designed so that they can be used for placing them on the ground or walkways. Therefore, it is very important that the purpose is known of your inflatable light before you choose the right product.

Lighting modes

Another thing you should consider when buying an inflatable solar light is the lighting modes that the product offers. Different brands will offer different options. You need to check the lumen output of the product which defines the output of the lighting mode of the solar light. The lumen output can be used as a parameter to compare different options available and you can choose the brightest option. Moreover, it is recommended to make the selection on the basis of lumen output and color of the light such as warm or cool light which can also influence your perception of brightness.

Battery and Charging

It is essential to buy a solar light that has a large battery as it will help in keeping the light charged throughout the night. Also, it is good if you know the capability of the solar charging component of the light. If the light can be charged in partial sunlight, it will help you to keep your light charged even on cloudy days.


It is always a good thing to get yourself a product that comes with a warranty. Buying an inflatable solar light that has a warranty means that you are buying a high-quality product. In case of malfunction or wear and tear you will be able to replace your product without paying any cost.


As technology is advancing so are the products and one such innovation is the inflatable solar light. It is renewable, lightweight, easy to use, and affordable. There are various options available in the market and we have listed the top 5 inflatable solar lights for your ease. We hope this guide will help you understand the advantages of inflatable solar lights, and you will be able to choose the right option as per your demands.

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