Is Tiny Watts Solar Good

Is Tiny Watts Solar Good

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Throughout this article I will go over everything you need to know about Tiny Watts Solar. Choosing a reputable solar company for all your solar requirements can be challenging with the many names out there. It’s crucial to find one that listens to your needs.

Solar companies seem to be popping up everywhere, and while this is great, it should also make you wary. Not everyone selling solar items has the right knowledge about this equipment, and their after-sale care leaves room for questioning. In this article, I share a bit about Tiny Watts Solar. This company has earned its popularity over the years and lives by the same mission that we do here at SolarSena: to help introduce as many people as possible to the world of sustainable, renewable, and clean solar power. 

Tiny Watts Solar: Why They’re Great

Tiny Watts Solar was founded in April 2017. ‘Watts’ does not only refer to the unit of power but is actually a clever wordplay on the surname of the founding couple Savana and Wesley Watts! Savana and Wesley started Tiny Watts Solar in their tiny home over five years ago. During this time they were living in Oregon and taking part in a tiny home convention, when they got the idea to start their very own solar company.

At the convention, they were stunned to see that they had the only solar-powered tiny home. After identifying the gap, they acted quickly. Since 2017, the company has grown immensely and their hard work has been rewarded by their very loyal client base. 

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Today, you can find Tiny Watts Solar in their home state of Oregon or online at They have an impressive website where you can read more about their business’s start and products. You don’t even need to leave your house to buy yourself a complete solar system. You can shop in their online store, and they’ll come out to install it for you. How’s that for going off the grid? 

Popular Products of Tiny Watts Solar

Tiny Watts Solar specializes in helping you go off the grid. Their own mobile house is entirely powered by solar, and they personally test all of their products. The company offers solar systems to power up your entire setup. If you don’t want the whole thing, there are solar panels and roof boxes to ensure you have some power on your trips.

Clients can’t stop raving about their installations. The solar panels and installations are neat. One client testimony on the website even says the solar setup is a work of art. They stand firmly behind their products that are designed by someone with an engineering degree. Everything has ABYC certification, and they offer a five-year guarantee.

Tiny Watts 5.0

The Tiny Watts 5.0 is all you need to get your mobile home or road trips entirely off the grid. It’s no wonder this product is one of the most popular ones in the online store! The inverter is a whopping 3000W, and the battery bank will last 3 to 5 days before needing a recharge. It includes a power charger that gets you back to fully charged within 3 hours of being plugged in. 

Tiny Watts 5.0 has a battery bank with a lifetime of more than 10 years. It’s strong enough to power a 120V AC air conditioning unit for 3 hours. You can even power a 24V DC air conditioner for up to 10 hours! 

Tiny Watts 10 

Tiny Watts 10 is the big brother of Tiny Watts 5.0. It has a 5000W inverter that can simultaneously power two 1800W appliances. You can make bacon and eggs on the stove while toasting bread in the toaster. You can even have your 24V DC air conditioner running for 20 hours. 

The power charger gets your system back to fully charged within 6 hours of being plugged in. The cabling is no danger to you or your family since the system is entirely safe and fool-proof. 

Solar Roof Deck

The Tiny Watts Solar roof deck was designed with sparing roof space in mind. It acts as a deck on top of your van, so you can power up and still enjoy sundowners! This 500W solar panel is safe to walk on and can support weights of up to 500lbs. The roof deck is completely black, so you don’t have to worry about scratches showing. It’s incredibly stylish, and an added bonus is how easy it is to install.

Prices of Tiny Watts Solar Items

Items for sale on the Tiny Watts Solar website are reasonably priced. They included an entire section on their website that helps you save!  The company explains everything you need to know about the solar tax credits you’ll get when you invest in solar panels for your van.

You can expect to go entirely off-grid for just under $19 000. This amount can be even less if you save with tax credits (not more than $14 000). The system can be paid off in installments of $660 over 36 months! For a much larger setup, you’ll have to pay a little less than $25 000, reduced to $18 300 after tax credit savings. You can choose to pay this off over 36 months or at once. 

A standard van solar panel is priced at $1 680. This includes only the 400W solar panel. Saving with tax credits and paying the amount off is also available on smaller items like these.

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In Ending

Few solar startups have managed to make a name for themselves as Tiny Watts Solar has. Passion, dedication, and the desire to help others go off-grid contribute to this company’s success. If you want to hit the road with an eco-friendly van, Tiny Watts Solar is the company you need to make this happen. Whether you need individual items or the whole package, this company can power you up! Pop over to their website where you can read more about who they are and what they have to offer. 

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