Solar Panel Cleaning Certification

Solar Panel Cleaning Certification

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So, you’re wondering if you need a solar panel cleaning certificate to start a solar panel cleaning business? We’ve got you covered!

Cleaning solar panels isn’t too complicated. Many people clean their own panels without a second thought! Still, some prefer to contract this job out because they don’t have the time or just don’t like doing it themselves.

If you want to start a solar panel cleaning business, you need to have everything required for this. Clients will trust you if you have a registered company and a good reputation.

In this article, I explain whether you need a license to clean solar panels and which steps you need to take to become a professional solar panel cleaner. 

Do I need a license to clean solar panels?

A lot of leaves, dirt, and other substances can build up on your solar panels. This doesn’t necessarily cause problems, and some dust won’t block the sun’s rays from reaching them. On the other hand, a year’s worth of bird droppings and dirt would be a different ball game. 

Solar panels should be cleaned regularly, especially if you live in an area with low rainfall or if your panels aren’t tilted enough. 

Cleaning solar panels isn’t a complicated task, and you can clean your own panels without the help of a professional. There’s no need to obtain a license before cleaning your panels, and you don’t need to obtain a certification or attend a course before doing so. Cleaning your solar panels is as easy as reading a how-to article or watching a Youtube video.

If you plan on starting a solar panel cleaning business, you’ll need a business license. This doesn’t mean you need to be trained to clean solar panels. The license simply states that your area laws allow you to provide a service to people and receive payment for it. 


How To Become A Professional Solar Panel Cleaner

Becoming a professional solar panel cleaner and starting a business is easier than you might think. Since you don’t need to complete courses, obtain special licenses or have any prior experience, anyone who isn’t afraid of heights can do it! 

Here are a few things you need to do to get your solar panel cleaning business up and running:

Business Plan

The first step to creating any business is a business plan that outlines it. This includes the name, ownership, prospective customers, equipment, licenses, finances, etc. You should have a complete plan on paper before you take any other steps.

Legal Matters

There are many legal matters that need to be addressed before a business and its services can be opened up to the public. The company should be registered with the state under the type of ownership you choose in your business plan. 

You need to register the name you chose for your business to ensure that nobody uses the same name or sues you for using an already registered name. 

Licensing And Permits

Some states may require additional licensing apart from your business license. You should check your state’s laws before jumping straight into doing business. If you plan on selling any taxable products alongside your solar panel cleaning services, you should look into obtaining a seller’s license. 


If you’re fortunate enough to cover your startup costs without financial help, you can skip this step (lucky you!). 

However, some entrepreneurs need to source financing options before starting a new business. A bank loan would be the best way to get the capital you need, or you could look for investors. This all depends on how you plan to run your business because investors may want some say in what happens. 

If you’re starting within your community, you might not need a large sum of money. You can save funds by offering your solar panel cleaning services to people in your neighborhood. 

Bank Account

Your business will need a bank account for accounting purposes. Having a separate bank account will also help your clients feel more at ease when depositing money for your solar panel cleaning services.

Another reason to have a bank account dedicated to your solar panel cleaning business is to use it to purchase equipment needed to run your business.

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Taxes And Accounting

You can save some money by doing your business books (which can be complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing), or you can hire an accountant to handle it. Your business needs to be registered to pay taxes, and your income and expenses must be tracked very closely. 

There are software programs available that make it easier for beginners to do their own accounting. 


Before cleaning solar panels, you need to know how to do so without damaging them. Research thoroughly to ensure you understand what you’re doing.


Once you’ve got the legal aspects in order and the financing to start, you can buy the equipment and tools you’ll need to clean solar panels.

Find a supplier that suits your budget and is reliable enough to work with in the long run. Don’t go for the cheapest options because you’ll end up replacing them more frequently. 


By the time you reach this step, your solar panel cleaning company should be fully operational. 

You can reach potential clients through great marketing strategies. Remember to include your contact details so the public can call you to book a cleaning. 

In Conclusion

With planning, you can have a great solar panel cleaning company up and running in no time! You don’t need a special license, certificate, or training. If you take the time to properly research the best methods to clean solar panels, you can offer outstanding services.

I suggest practicing on your own solar panels until you find a cleaning method and products you fully trust. Giving your clients a guarantee that their solar panels will be sparkling and efficient again will help your business grow if you can deliver on this promise. 

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