Solar Panel Maintenance: What, Why, and When?

Solar Panel Maintenance: What, Why, and When?

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Keeping up to date with your solar panel maintenance is important. After making such a big investment, you want to make sure your panels are properly working for as long as possible. Without properly maintaining your solar panels, this won’t happen. Solar panels need regular maintenance. There isn’t much to it, but it’s a necessary task. You can maintain your solar panels yourself or call a professional for help. In this article, I share the why, what, and when of solar panel maintenance. You’ll also read about how to do this. 

Why Do Solar Panels Need Maintenance?

Solar panels are easy and quick to maintain. They don’t have many moving parts and few that can rust or break as they’re used. However, low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance. Here are 5 reasons why maintaining your solar panels is still essential!

Longer Lifespan: Solar panels typically hold up for about 30 years. To keep them in good enough condition, you need to clean them and repair minor faults. 

High Repair Costs: Maintaining your solar panels is cheaper than repairing them. As the saying goes – prevention is better than cure! You’ll pick up small issues by regularly checking in on your panels. If the faults aren’t picked up while they’re minor, you might have to replace your entire system. 

Rain Isn’t a Solution: Heavy rainfall can’t wash away dirt as efficiently as a good cleaning session. Professional solar panel cleaners can make yours sparkle! But giving them a scrub yourself will also do the job. Solar panels can accumulate a ton of dirt. Cleaning them regularly will ensure maximum sunlight reaches their surface. This improves their efficiency. 

Warranty and Insurance Purposes: Most warranties are only valid if you regularly maintain your solar panels. An insurance company could require the same. Maintenance minimizes claims and prolongs solar panel lifespan. 

Looks Better: Solar panels are costly. Dirt and debris can quickly devalue them. Keeping your panels clean and maintained will ensure they look great and hold their value. The aesthetics of your roof and house will also thank you. 

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What Maintenance Do Solar Panels Need?

You can maintain your solar panels by following two basic steps. If you want to avoid doing it yourself, call a professional for an appointment. 

Inspect Your Solar Panels

Inspecting your solar panels will help determine what needs to be done. They may have some damage or simply need cleaning. It’s always better to catch problems before it worsens. Professionals will know exactly what to look for, but your guess is better than none. 

Clean or Fix Your Solar Panels

Dirty solar panels don’t look good, but this isn’t the only reason to regularly clean them. Professionals do a great job removing dirt and debris. You can use a quality cleaning product and some elbow grease to do the same. Your panels will be more efficient afterward. If you notice any damage on your solar panels, it’s best to fix it. Minor faults can be sorted out before they progress. 

How Much Does Professional Solar Panel Maintenance Cost?

Solar panel maintenance companies are pretty affordable. Compared to the cost of replacing or repairing your solar panels, this service will be an easy payment. Many factors influence the cost, and it differs between companies. Labor, profit margins, and location can impact the price. However, here’s what you can expect to pay:

Annual Inspection: If your solar panels aren’t acting up, you only need to inspect them once a year. The inspection cost can range between $40 and $180. If your need an urgent service, the average amount you can expect to pay is $150. 

Cleaning: You could watch tutorials and try cleaning and maintaining your solar panels yourself. However, calling a professional is best. The average cost of this service can vary between $12 and $20 per panel. 

Your warranty agreement or insurance could cover these expenses. Call them to determine if you are responsible for the entire amount. 

How Often Do Solar Panels Require Maintenance?

It’s difficult to determine how often your solar panels will need maintenance. Below is a guide to help you get a better idea:

Inspections – yearly inspections should be enough. You can call a professional for an annual checkup and inspect your panels yourself throughout the year. This will help you catch damage before it gets worse.

Call Outs – if you experienced heavy hailstorms or think your panels might be damaged, inspecting them it a good idea. You can call a professional out whenever you need them. 

Cleaning – most people clean their solar panels twice yearly. It’s better to have it done after each season. This ensures debris is gone. That totals to 4 times of cleaning per year. 

3 Signs Your Solar Panels Need Maintenance

Keeping a close eye on your solar panels will help you spot when they need maintenance. You can look for these signs:

Your Solar Panel Efficiency Decreased

If your solar panels aren’t performing as they should, get on your roof and check them out! They might be dirty or damaged. Call a professional if you can’t detect a problem and the decreased efficiency persists. 

Your Solar Panels Have Visible Built-Up

You shouldn’t see dirt and debris with your naked eye. If this covers the majority of your solar panels, clean them. This could decrease efficiency and damage them. 

Your Solar Panels Have Visible Damage

Solar panels can have cracked glass, water damage, or rust. You’ll have to repair or replace the panel if you spot any of these. The wiring could also damage. Don’t forget to check this. 

Get On The Roof!

If your solar panels have been acting up, get on the roof! It’s better to catch problems early on. Regular maintenance will save you money and ensure you always have power. Solar panels don’t require much care, but if you neglect them, they’ll show. I hope this article helped you! If you have more comments or tips to share, pop them in the comments and click here if you want to learn how federal solar incentives can help you pay for your solar panel maintenance. 


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