Solar Panel Recycling Companies are Helping the Environment

Solar Panel Recycling Companies are Helping the Environment

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Solar energy provides multiple benefits to the environment, unfortunately, the panels used to generate this don’t. You’ll have to use solar panel recycling companies to ensure your panels don’t cause the environment as much harm once they deteriorate. Solar panels can be made from glass, plastic, silicon, and steel. These need to be disposed of correctly to ensure no chemicals used in the process leach into the ground. In this article, I explain why recycling solar panels is critical and why you should certainly try to recycle your panels.

How To Recycle Your Solar Panels 

Solar panels contain chemicals and toxins that can cause significant harm to the environment. If left in a landfill, these will emerge as the materials used to make solar panels deteriorate. Solar panels are primarily made from glass. You can recycle the glass and other components and parts. Recycle plants are responsible for doing this. It makes getting rid of old solar panels more environmentally friendly. You can choose between the different options available to recycle your solar panels. 

Solar Panel Recycling Companies

 You can have all the parts of your used solar panels separated and disposed of at a recycling company. These companies sort the solar panel pieces into groups based on the material they’re made from. Glass is melted to produce new glass. The other parts are also used again. Some recycling companies do the recycling themselves. Others only collect the used panels and it away. 

Refurbishing Companies

Buying used solar panels have become popular. Many solar companies will buy your use solar panels. They restore broken panels and replace the parts that need to be. You can sell your solar panels to these companies if you want to replace your existing system. Some will also repair panels with minor faults so you can continue using them. 


You can send your broken solar panel back to its manufacturer. They can recycle the panel and use the materials to produce brand-new ones. You can usually find their contact details or address from the supplier or on the back of the solar panel. 

DIY Upcycling

Solar panels have many parts you can upcycle into something else. You can use the glass cover to make a trendy coffee table or the frame to make a photo booth for your next party. Some people even use broken solar panels as decoys to confuse criminals. If there are parts you cannot use, you can send them to a recycling company or sell them on local market platforms. 

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How Much Will Solar Panel Recycling Companies Save or Cost You 

Thinking about the costs involved when recycling solar panels is understandable. Many people have complained online. It’s estimated to run you about $30 out of pocket when recycling a single solar panel. Some companies charge under $20. It costs less to dump the panel in a landfill. Even though it decreases the lifespan of the landfill and damages the environment, it costs nothing less than $5. Some places even ask as low as $1 to dump your solar panels. 

Your best bet is to find a company that’ll take your panels in exchange for a discount on your next set. Or companies that’ll pay you for them. At the end of the day, you should consider why you want to recycle your solar panels. If you truly want to save the environment, don’t dump them. Save up to recycle them properly. 

The Benefits of using Solar Panel Recycling Companies

It’s no secret that recycling is always better than dumping. This applies to your expensive solar panels, too. There are many benefits to going the extra mile and recycling your panels.

Environmental Benefits: Using solar panels is better for the environment, however, they’re still made from materials that cause environmental harm during their deterioration. These can pollute the air, water, and ground. Dumping your solar panels definitely affects global warming, however small. Recycling is better for the environment. 

Economic Benefits: By recycling your solar panels, you boost the economy. You help keep money in the financial cycle while ensuring the materials are being used again. 

Job Creation: The recycling process is complex. A lot goes into it. For everything to run smoothly, people need to be on the job. When you recycle your solar panels, you help create working opportunities. 

Raw Materials: Unrenewable raw materials are starting to dry up and that supply can only be maintained if those materials already used are put back into the cycle. Solar panels have a significant amount of materials that can be recycled, and repurposed for the production of new products. In a way, you are indirectly responsible for ensuring that a future supply of raw materials will be available. 

Save On Future Solar Panels: If you choose the right place to recycle your solar panels, you can save some money. There are companies offering incentives in the form of discounts. Others give cash. 

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Last Words

There’s no reason not to recycle your solar panels. While you might argue that the cost of doing so can add up, you need to remember it’s unlikely that all your solar panels will give in at once. If you do some research, you’ll have the information you need when the time comes. Saving a few dollars each month for recycling purposes can start now.  Recycling your solar panels is better for the environment. If you play it smart and find the right solar panel recycling companies, you might even get some benefits.  I hope you found this article helpful. If you know of companies in your area recycling solar panels, drop their name in the comments. You can also ask other questions you have there. 


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