Using Tape on Solar Panels: Is It Possible?

Using Tape on Solar Panels: Is It Possible?

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Tape is a multifunctional adhesive. You can use it on solar panels to affix or protect them. Using tape on solar panels is budget-friendly, effective, and straightforward. 

Most people permanently affix their solar panels to their roofs, but this isn’t always possible. If you live in an area where your solar panels are exposed to harsh environmental conditions, you might also be looking for a protective solution.

In this article, I explain whether it’s possible to use tape to affix solar panels to your roof, which types work best with solar panels, and list some great alternatives if tape isn’t an option for you.

Can I Use Tape To Affix Solar Panels To My Roof?

Affixing your solar panels to your roof can be done in several ways. Many people prefer a solution that doesn’t leave them with huge holes in their roof when they take the solar panels off after a while. Drilling holes into your roof can also lead to leaks and other problems.

Others rent a space and would like to take the panels with them when they move but don’t want to leave holes where the panels were mounted. Some rental agreements also specify that tenants aren’t allowed to leave permanent markings on the building. 

Using tape may sound like the perfect solution because it doesn’t require any drilling through your roof. It may work with lightweight, flexible solar panels and durable tape. However, mounting a heavy and lumpy solar panel on your roof with a flimsy piece of tape as the only thing holding it down doesn’t sound like the best idea. 

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Types of Tapes Used with Solar Panels

Many types of tapes can help affix solar panels to your roof. The one you use will depend on the shape and texture of the surface you’re working with. To be clear, tape should not be used solely to fix solar panels to any surface, but rather as a secondary option to backup stronger methods. 

Tape replaces traditional liquid glues because it’s easier to use, less expensive, and easier to clean up. 

Here are some tapes that were made for use on your panels: 

High Bond Tape

This tape can be used on metals and glass, making it perfect for solar panels. It’s a permanent solution because it can resist almost anything. This tape is virtually indestructible and makes it easy to supplement the not-so-great holes you would need to drill into your roof. It saves you money, time, and effort. High bond tape can resist vibration, any weather situation, water, aging, and UV damage.

PV Frame Bonding Tape

PV frame bonding tape is double-sided, mess-free, and very efficient. It seals the PV laminate in the frame of your solar panels. It’s a very strong tape that’s much easier to clean up and use than liquid adhesives. 

Surface Protection Film

This type of tape wasn’t made to stick things together. It’s an adhesive film that protects your solar panel from any damage. The film is residue-free and can protect your panels against weather and aging for up to 6 months. 

Rail Bar Attachment Tape

Rail bar attachment tape is an acrylic tape that secures your rail bar to the back of your solar panel. It’s a very strong and durable tape designed especially for this use. Rail bar attachment tape is mainly used in frameless solar panel systems. It has a firm foam lining that can resist UV rays, water, strong weather conditions, and aging. 

Junction Box Tape

Junction box tape is used to tape the junction box to the solar panel. The junction box isn’t a heavy piece of equipment, and the tape is only recommended to be used for this purpose. It’s a permanent peel-and-stick type of tape that holds for years. 

Strong Double-Sided Tape

A powerful brand of double-sided tape may do the trick to hold your solar panel down for a while. Don’t use this tape as a permanent solution without any other reinforcement. Heavy weather may have an impact on the durability of double-sided tape. 

Tape Alternatives for Affixing Solar Panels

Tape isn’t the only option to affix your solar panels to a surface without drilling holes. There are many permanent and temporary alternatives:


If you don’t feel comfortable mounting your solar panel directly to the roof, you can use brackets that can be affixed to different surfaces with adhesives. 

These brackets can even be attached with screws and bolts to leave them there for the next tenants. They stay in place, and you can just mount your solar panels to them.


Other adhesives like liquid glues and putty can hold solar panels in place. Strong liquid bonds can do the same job as tape, but they may be a more expensive and messy alternative. Rubber is also a type of adhesive. 


This alternative is less permanent. Some nylon velcros might not be able to resist heavy weather conditions. A strong and durable velcro can be used to affix your panels to your roof with a bit of liquid adhesive. 

Zip ties

If there’s a frame on the surface, you can use a zip tie to affix the railing of your solar panels to the frame. The heavier the solar panels, the more zip ties you’ll need.

In Conclusion

If you choose the right tape for your solar panels, your temporary solution will last long. Tape is multifunctional, and using it won’t damage your solar panels. 

You can chat with someone at your nearest solar company or hardware store to find the best tape solution for your solar panel needs! 

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