Best Solar Charger for Ring Doorbell

Best Solar Charger for Ring Doorbell

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Ring is offering a wide range of video doorbells for its customers that are Wi-fi enabled and can make our homes secure. You can go on a long holiday without worrying about your home. These doorbells can detect motion before anyone gets near them, alerting your smartphone, and also start recording video simultaneously. The video gets stored in the cloud, so you do need to watch live. Also, it provides the facility of two-way audio communication. This has given this product a new dimension as you can communicate with people through a doorbell. The Ring doorbell, to top it all up also comes with a solar charger making your charging experience completely hassle-free. We provide a complete guide about the Ring doorbells and the best Ring doorbell charger to make your shopping experience worth the effort.

Which Ring doorbell is best for you?

You have a wide range to choose from with each doorbell having a different price and feature set.

Ring doorbell 1:

This video doorbell provides a 720p HD video enabling you to speak to people from your smartphone, tablet, or any Echo device. You can keep an eye on your home at any time with the Live View feature of the Ring App. Moreover, the doorbell has a rechargeable battery or connects to an existing doorbell wiring. You can easily keep a record of all your videos and review them for up to 60 days with the Ring Protect Plan. Furthermore, the doorbell has privacy features such as customizable privacy zones and audio privacy focusing on the stuff which is relevant to you.

Ring doorbell 2:

The ring doorbell 2 has a very large and visible camera providing 1080p HD video quality with the two-way audio system. It also has basic motion sensors and a night vision facility. If you have never used a video doorbell before, this is the right device to make a start as it under $100. Moreover, you can easily charge the doorbell using either the existing doorbell wiring or can use the rechargeable built-in battery.

Ring doorbell 3:

The Ring doorbell 3 comes with some great improvements as compared to previous designs. It has a 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi and also has an improved motion zone setting. Therefore, you can receive notifications on your smartphone, tablet, or any other eco device. Moreover, the faceplate of the doorbell can be removed easily making the tossing in of a spare battery effortless. The doorbell 3 is, however, more costly than doorbell 2 but is worth the money due to its significantly improved motion sensors. The setting up and connection process are also extremely easy.

Points to consider when selecting solar chargers

Following are the factors to consider when buying a solar charger for a video doorbell:


Since the charger will be facing different environmental conditions, therefore, it is necessary to consider the material of the charger. You need to make sure that the charger is made from a durable material. It should be lightweight, waterproof, or at least water-resistant for efficient performance.

Charging time

The time it takes to charge the doorbell is also a very important factor as it will vary from device to device. You need to keep in mind the Milliamp-hours (mAhs) of the doorbell while looking for the charger. The general rule is larger the capacity, the longer it takes to charges.


Most of the solar chargers have a USB port for charging but it is not necessary that the doorbell has a USB port. So, make sure you think through all these options before buying one. There might lead to the need for special adapters for charging.

Size and weight

Another crucial factor to consider is the size and weight of the charger. It is convenient to look for a model that compact or foldable since it will help save space. A large number of USB ports increase the weight of the charger.

Ease of use

It is ideal to look for a device that is extremely convenient to use. So, take time to research the options you have as you would not want to be stuck with an overly complicated device.

Solar Charger for Ring Video Doorbell

As discussed previously, Ring manufactures a range of video doorbells which differ based on the resolution, motion sensors, and Wi-Fi connectivity. Each generation of the doorbell has its unique solar charger which is only compatible with that particular model. In other words, you cannot buy one charger and use it for recharging Ring Doorbell 3 and 3 Pro. However, the charging time, dimensions, and other performance parameters are similar for all the available Ring doorbell chargers.

The ring solar charger is an excellent accessory for your video doorbell which helps to extend the doorbell’s battery life. The charger uses solar energy for producing electricity which enables the long-term operation of the video doorbell. It consists of a mounting bracket and built-in high-performance solar cells. The mounting bracket has been provided to ensure easy use and installation of the video doorbell. As the doorbell is usually placed on the wall, therefore, there is a need for a stable mounting system that can firmly hold the device. In addition, the charging time and run time of the charger are a plus. If you want your Ring video doorbell to operate all day long, you should definitely buy this solar charger.


1- Size and dimensions

The charger has a compact size and is light in weight, ensuring high portability and easy mobility. The dimensions of the charger are 5.8 in. x 3.6 in. x 0.7 in. (14.7 cm. x 9.1 cm. x 1.7 cm.)

2- Material quality

As the Ring doorbell is designed for outdoor use, the body of the charger should be able to withstand all types of weather conditions. Therefore, Ring has not compromised on the quality of the material. The charger is made of weather-resistant material so there is no need to worry about weather conditions and water exposure.

3- Power and connectivity

The Ring doorbell charger uses solar panels for producing electric energy to power the doorbell. It has a solar rating of 0.56 watts and a direct current voltage of 5.6. This rating is sufficient for keeping the doorbell charged for longer periods of time.

4- Compatible devices

The Ring chargers are highly specific to the model and generation of the Ring doorbell. Therefore, you need to buy the right charger which is designed for the doorbell you have at your home. However, the efficiency and performance of all these chargers is equally excellent.

5- Operating conditions

The charger is designed for the outdoor environment and works well at temperatures ranging from -5°F to 120°F. This is a wide temperature range which clearly indicates the high weather resistance of the charger.

6- Charging cycle

The charger requires direct sunlight for charging. For complete charging, it requires 7-8 hours of direct access to sunlight. However, there are some other factors that govern the charging time as well. These include device setting, motion notifications, and area of placement.


  • Has a wide temperature tolerance range, thus is ideal for all types of weather conditions due to its weather-resistant design
  • Comes with a screwdriver, drilling kit, and bolts for mounting
  • Built-in cable
  • Easy mounting and installation. However, if you have a wedge or corner mount, you need to drill new holes.
  • Sleek design and less weight make this product quite handy
  • 1-year warranty of components and labor
  • The company offers lifetime theft protection for this charger so if it’s stolen, you will get a replacement.


  • Only suitable for the outdoor environment. You cannot place it indoors or even on the porch as it requires direct sunlight for charging
  • Does not offer good performance on cloudy days
  • Compatible with only one type of Ring doorbell


Ring Video Doorbell is an excellent device that provides you with a sense of security and protection. It detects motion immediately when someone comes nearby and through the Wi-Fi connectivity feature instantaneously notifies the user on their smartphones. For long periods of uninterrupted operation, it is a great idea to get a solar charger. In a nutshell, this post has presented a brief overview of the best Ring Doorbell charger with its specification, pros, and cons. If you are thinking to get a charger for your doorbell, go through this guide once. We hope that it will provide you with all the necessary information while helping in resolving some confusion. Good Luck!

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