Custom Solar Panels: What You Need To Know!

Custom Solar Panels: What You Need To Know!

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Custom solar panels aren’t that different from regular ones, but they have benefits that make them stand out. Here, you’ll find out what you need to know about these new options. Whether you want to just be different or crave filling your entire roof with solar panels, custom ones will do the job. Solar panel manufacturers saw the need for custom panels and answered. Today, you can create almost any type of solar panel if you find the right company!

Below you’ll read about custom panels, where to find them, and their cost. I also will go over the benefits and drawbacks of custom panels.

What Are Custom Panels?

If you have specific solar power needs, you can consider having custom panels made. There aren’t many manufacturers doing this, but those who do, do a great job! Solar panels can be customized in various ways:

Shape: Some roofs can’t fit rectangular or even square solar panels. While triangular panels are available, you might need an oval or circular one. Specialized manufacturers can make different shapes to fit your needs.

Size: Solar panels come in standard sizes, but not all roofs do. If you want to cover every inch of roof space, you’ll need custom-sized solar panels. The size of your solar panels will determine how much energy they can harvest.

Color: It’s possible to have solar panels that won’t look like those typically found on other roofs. You can customize the color of your panels by inserting a transparent or black background, choosing between patterns, or adding frames. 

Power: Different solar cells collect and produce different amounts of energy. Mixing these cells into one board can customize how much your panels harvest. 

People with odd-shaped roofs, specific power needs, and those who like being unique can benefit from using custom panels.

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The Benefits of Personalized Panels

Customs panels have benefits that top standard ones. They don’t only look different but work differently. 

Custom Solar Panels Can Fill Your Entire Roof

If you’ve covered your roof with regular panels and have odd spaces left, you can purchase custom panels to fill these holes. Manufacturers can make them according to the open gaps to ensure every inch of your roof works to harvest power from the sun.

Custom Solar Panels Can Collect More Energy While Saving Money

Another benefit of custom panels is your choice between different types of solar cells. Mono- and polycrystalline solar cells work differently, and each has its pros. If you combine them on one custom solar panel, you’ll get the benefits of both!

Custom Solar Panels Can Help Maintain Aesthetics

Not everyone is fond of how regular panels look. Luckily, you don’t have to push your home aesthetics aside if you want to go off the grid. With custom panels, you can design a solar setup that looks the way you want it to. Many manufacturers can create custom colors, patterns, and other designs. 

Standard vs. Personalized Panels: Availability and Cost

Solar setups are gaining popularity by the day. With so many people seeking affordable options, the market is expanding. Still, it’s much easier to get your hands on standard solar panels than custom ones. 

Availability and Cost of Personalized Solar Panels

With just a quick call, you can find many solar shops in or near your area selling regular solar panels. Companies installing these setups have different options available. You can order standard solar panels from Amazon if you live somewhat remotely. These panels are easy to come by.

While the prices differ depending on where you buy your panels, which materials it’s made from, and how easy it is to get them to you, you can expect to pay less than $4 per watt. The average cost of a watt is estimated to be $2.94. You can have a 5 kW system up and running for less than $12,000!

Availability and Cost of Personalized Solar Panels

Select manufacturers produce custom panels. You can expect to almost double your investment if you opt for these however, if you are looking for a more budget solar option you might want to look into used solar panels! The final price you pay will depend on the design you choose. Some shapes are more challenging to create than others, and color shades also impact the costs. 

Custom panels aren’t that easy to find, either. The chances are slim that someone around the block is manufacturing them! You’ll have to do thorough research to find a reputable company. Most will require an upfront deposit, so it is impeative that they have a quality history of making custom panels. It’s even better if you can visit their site before making any payments. 

Are Personalized Solar Panels The Future?

I don’t think custom solar panels are the future, but they do have a place in it. Custom designs open the door to a new type of consumer who might not have considered going solar before. Whether you use these alone or combine them with standard solar panels, you’ll make a change! 

Custom solar panels have benefits that regular ones don’t, and many people might be after these. Even if they aren’t looking for custom colors, they might need solar panels that are shaped differently. No rule states that panels should only be mounted to a roof. Custom solar panels allow users to generate energy even if they don’t want to install panels here. It creates the opportunity for new innovations and better energy harvesting. 

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In Summary

Going solar is good for the environment and your pocket! While your initial investment can be costly, it doesn’t have to be. Standard solar panels are more affordable than custom ones and will also help you get off the grid. 

However, if you prefer lavish installations and have the funds to support this, getting custom solar panels made might be up your alley. You can get in contact with a manufacturer specializing in these panels to create one that caters to all your needs. I hope this article was informative and nice to read! If you have more questions about custom panels, pop them in the comments. 

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