Everything You Need to Know About 200-Watt Solar Panels 

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A 200-watt solar panel is categorized with small types. Still, they pack a punch! You can power multiple devices and appliances with these. The best part is their affordability. If you’re still unsure about switching to solar power, these will convince you!

You can find 200-watt solar panels online and in-store. Depending on what you want to power, this size might be perfect. In this article, I unpack some info about 200-watt solar panels. Read on to see what they can be used for, and what you can expect to pay for one. 

5 Things 200-watt Solar Panels Can Be Used For

It is uncommon to use a 200-watt solar panel in large setups. You’ll rarely find a household running on these! However, you can use a few of them together to power everything in your house. They’re also perfect for:  

Camping: 200-watt solar panels are the ideal addition to your camping gear. They work perfectly for powering all of your necessary appliances when you don’t have access to electricity. A bonus is that they’re the perfect size for traveling. You can easily mount it anywhere.

RV or Camper: You can permanently fix a 200-watt solar panel to the roof of your RV or camper. The board will fit comfortably. A 200-watt solar panel should be enough to power most of your on-the-go appliances. 

Entertainment Areas: Your entertainment area – whether that’s a bar or playroom – mainly needs a fridge and some LED lights. You can use a 200-watt solar panel to power these. Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy an ice-cold drink without using grid electricity? 

Boats: Take your 200-watt solar panel with you on your next boat trip and watch it absorb more sunlight than you thought possible. You can sit back and fish with the lights on, a cooler, and your fish radar.

Outdoor Setups: Your gazebo can stay lit even if an electrical outlet isn’t near. You can use a single 200-watt solar panel to power LED lights and other small items to make any outdoor setup look beautiful.

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Appliances You Can Power With a 200-watt Solar Panel

A 200-watt solar panel can generate – well, – up to 200 watts per hour. This happens when they have access to full, direct sunlight. However, some 200-watt solar panels are less efficient. You won’t always get 200 watts per hour from them. It’s important to manage your solar power usage, especially if you use small panels like a 200-watt one. Here are 5 types of appliances that generally run well on power generated by a 200-watt solar panel.

Electronic Devices: You can use a 200-watt solar panel to work from home and keep your devices charged while on holiday. Your laptop, cell phone, portable speaker, and other electronic devices can charge with solar panels of this size. 

Small Kitchen Appliances: A 200-watt solar panel is perfect for camping and RVs. They can power the small kitchen appliances you may need on the road and at campsites. You can power the essentials, like a coffee maker. I’m sure this will keep everyone happy in the mornings!

Your bottled water can also stay cool. A 200-watt solar panel generates enough power to keep a small, energy-efficient fridge on for a few hours. When the sun is at its highest, your toaster and microwave are also likely to work. 

Entertainment Devices: While it’s fun, you don’t need to play board games five times in a row! You can use a 200-watt panel to keep your TV and other entertainment devices on. Nobody has to miss their favorite show! Powering a movie projector is also a great idea when camping. 

Lights: You can use a 200-watt panel to keep the lights on in your RV or at your camping site. If you have a dark deck or patio, you can also light it up with this panel. Use LED lights for optimal efficiency. 

General Appliances: Other small appliances that don’t use much electricity also stay powered with 200-watt panels. You can use a small table fan to keep the heat at bay, and your hair dryer will also work if you need to make yourself look more presentable while fishing!

The Average Cost of 200-watt Panels

Solar panels have an average cost of $0.7 to $1.5 per watt, regardless of size. You can expect to pay about $200 for a 200-watt panel of quality. A 200-watt panel is one of the cheapest available since they’re so small. Several factors influence price. The type of solar cells used, the quality of raw materials, the area you live in, and the profit margins of manufacturers and companies play a role. Here’s a bit more info on this:

Special Features: 200-watt solar panels with unique features usually cost more than the regular alternatives. These unique features include flexible and foldable solar panels

Cell Type: Monocrystalline panels are generally more expensive than polycrystalline solar panels. The latter contains fewer single silicon crystals and isn’t as efficient. 

Company: Most companies make their own prices according to their desired profit margin. The company will increase its asking price if it wants to make more profit. 

Brand: Many established brands ask more for their solar panels because they have authority in the industry. You could pay up to 20% more for a popular brand. 

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Going Green with a 200-watt Panel!

Making environmentally friendly choices can seem expensive. A 200-watt panel can put you closer to your goal without breaking the bank and might be the perfect panel for you if your looking to equip your RV or Van with solar panels. These might be tiny, but they really are mighty! You can use their power at home or on the road. A 200-watt panel is a perfect introduction to solar energy. If you’re already using sustainable energy, this size will add more value to your system.  b Did you like this article? Let me know in the comments! Questions you still have are also welcome. 


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