Everything You Need To Know About A Sun Kettle

Everything You Need To Know About A Sun Kettle

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Having warm water when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere is a definite bonus. With a Sun Kettle, this is absolutely possible! While you’ll have to worry about power sources and plugs when using a regular one, it’s not the same for this solar powered kettle. Throughout this article, I share everything you need to know about this solar appliance before purchasing one. 

What A Sun Kettle Is And How It Works

This kettle is a relatively new invention by 4Patriots. It’s a step up from a regular solar kettle.  A Sun Kettle looks like a regular thermos flask but with a twist. It doesn’t just keep your water warm – it boils it. To make things even better, it uses only sunlight! You don’t need to plug your kettle into a power source, start a fire or insert any batteries. This kettle has built-in mirrors that harvest energy from the sun to boil water. 

You can use your kettle anywhere where the sun is available. It’s compact for easy travel whether you’re going on a road trip, camping, or a fishing adventure. You can store it in your RV for easy access when you’re on the road or use it at home during a barbeque if you don’t want to go indoors to boil a kettle. There are only four straightforward steps that you need to follow to get your water boiling:

Step 1: Fill your kettle with water.

Step 2: Open the sides to reveal the mirrors.

Step 3: Place it in direct sunlight.

Step 4: Wait for the water to boil.

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Different Ways To Use A Sun Kettle

You can use your Kettle in many different ways. Although the name suggests it’s a kettle, it can double as a small pot. Here are a few things you can do with this versatile tool:

Use Your Kettle to Cook Food

Cook anything that you want that can fit into your Sun Kettle, from soup to sausages. Throw in a few pieces of chicken with some raw pasta for a hearty one-person meal to cook a meal within minutes!

Your Kettle can Heat up or Boil water

The Sun Kettle is there for you if you’re not the friendliest person without your morning coffee. You can boil water for tea, coffee, and anything else you’d like. 

Use Your Kettle to Bathe And Wash Up

It’s easy to get dirty on fishing and camping trips. Most places don’t have bathrooms, and if they do, there’s typically no hot water. In these instances, you can use your Sun Kettle to wash yourself and your clothes.

Your Sun Kettle Can Wash Dishes

If you don’t like doing dishes with cold water, your Sun Kettle can help. Simply boil some water in the sun to wash your cups and cutlery. 

Use Your Kettle to Make Baby Formula

If there’s a baby on your camping trip, cold water won’t cut it—especially not possibly contaminated cold water. Your Sun Kettle can boil enough water to make them a few safe bottles of formula.  

Your Sun Kettle can Purify Water

Water purifies when it reaches a certain boiling point. You can use your Sun Kettle to get clean water in an emergency. Ensure the water is cooled to a drinking temperature before consuming it. 

The Average Cost of A Sun Kettle

The Sun Kettle is available in two sizes. The standard option and a slightly bigger one, the XL Kettle.  The standard size can hold up to 16,9 fluid ounces of water. They’re available in sets of three, or you can choose to buy a single one. A one-pack that has a single kettle will cost you $67. You end up paying $65,7 for one Sun Kettle if you buy them in a set of three. The whole set only costs $197!

The XL option is perfect if the standard size is too small for your family. It holds 33,8 fluid ounces, which is roughly double the capacity of the regular-sized kettle. The best part is that you don’t pay double the price! The XL only costs $99.95. 

The Difference Between Sun and Solar Kettles

The Sun Kettle is a solar kettle, but better! Here are the differences between them:

Sun Kettle Solar Kettle
A 16,9 fluid ounce kettle costs $67. The same size solar kettle on Amazon costs an average of $89.99.
You can boil your water in 30 minutes in direct sunlight. It can take up to 60 minutes to boil water in direct sunlight.
The standard size weighs around 2.65 pounds. The average weight of a solar kettle is 2.5 pounds. 

Are Sun Kettles Worth Their Price?

Sun Kettles are very reasonably priced when compared to other solar kettles. They’re worth their price, thanks to their benefits. These kettles are made from rigid materials to ensure they don’t break easily. In addition, you can carry them in your backpack because they are lightweight and compact. The Sun Kettle is safe for you and the environment. They don’t release fumes or toxins while boiling water, and kids can also use them if all protective measures against burning are in place.

Silence is the last benefit worth mentioning. You won’t disturb neighbors or animals while boiling water. It will also keep your drink warm for a while, so you don’t have to rush to use the water immediately. 

old school sun kettle
A solar kettle before technological advances

Ending Off

You can invest in a Kettle whether you’re an outdoorsy person or not but if you want to know more about solar powered appliances for camping check out some of our other articles here!  This appliance will save the day when power outages try to ruin your breakfast coffee session. They hold many benefits, and you can use your Kettle for more than just making hot drinks. I hope this article was a good read and that you feel confident purchasing a Sun Kettle. If you have more questions, ask them in the comments!


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