All you need to know about solar candles for windows

All you need to know about solar candles for windows

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Candles are one such decorative piece that everyone loves to use, be it their homes, offices, or commercial places. They are everyone’s favorite especially due to the calm ambiance they create. Candles can be scented, colored, and flickering to help relax and feel nice. However, the traditional candles have certain issues such as the spilling of hot wax which not only damages the furniture but is also harmful to children and pets. Therefore, a promising alternative to this problem has emerged in the form of solar candles for windows which are more convenient to use and also keep your places beautiful and safe. We present to you a complete guide on solar candles for windows so that you can gather maximum information and make the best choice.

What are Solar Candles for Windows?

Solar candles are also known as solar lights which work by using the energy from sunlight. These solar candles are placed in windows or anywhere outdoors where they absorb sunlight throughout the day so that you can enjoy a warm glow at night. These candles have small sensors at the back of the candle which will face the window. The solar panel absorbs solar light transforming it into safe and environment-friendly energy. These candles are designed in such a way that they look real, be it its flickering flame effect to its overall look. However, these candles are flameless and have an LED light instead making them extremely easy to use and operate.

Benefits of using solar candles for windows

Durability: solar candles are equipped with lithium-ion batteries which can keep the candles running for up to 7 hours with five times more candle power. Moreover, these candles have a durable body made up of plastic.

Long lifespan: solar candles for windows have a life span of more than 4 years once charged regularly and have a 12000 to 15000 hrs of life span.

Safety: solar candles present no fire hazard as there is no open flame which is the biggest reason for shack fires.

Environment-friendly: solar candles in comparison to conventional candles emit zero carbon dioxide into the air. Candle burning results in 10 to 16 grams of carbon dioxide emission into the air for each hour it burns.

Waterproof: solar candles for windows are waterproof and also resistant to water.

5 best Solar candles for Windows

1- TELOSMA Solar Candle

These solar candles come in a pair of two. They can be utilized for decoration purposes and events either indoors or outdoors. Moreover, these candles can be placed in lanterns. Simply leave these candles in direct sunlight and they will charge automatically. These candles provide minimum wastage of battery and can effectively illuminate the indoor spaces. To enjoy the bright warm illumination they come with two batteries.

These are solar power candles for windows


  • Batteries are rechargeable and can be changed
  • Easy setup
  • Lights are long-lasting and bright
  • Come with two batteries


  • For some people, the candles might be too big in size

2- Cozeyat LED Solar Candle

These LED candles come in a pack of 6  with two options of flame colors: amber and warm white. These are the best candles available for indoor decorations which are completely flameless. You can place them in front of your windows or can use them outdoors for camping, parties, and other events. There is no worry about fire hazards or wind as they provide flickering flames without the hassle of hot wax spilling over. You just need to turn the switch on and keep them in direct sunlight for charging and then use these candles at night.


  • Flameless
  • Safe and convenient to use
  • Provide flickering light
  • Come in a pack of six candles


  • These candles only light up at night and not in the day.

3- Advocator Solar Powered Light

These solar candles are waterproof with a romantic candlestick. These candles can be placed in windowsills, bedrooms, bathrooms, or can be used in wedding events or other outdoor activities. These flameless candles come in a pack of six candles with a warm white flickering flame. These candles are extremely practical and easy to use. The candles will turn on at night to provide a soft glow and will charge automatically during the day.


  • Easy to use
  • Automatic charging


  • Candles are made from plastic material

4- Tomshine Solar Light

This solar candle is the most suitable one for indoor and outdoor use. It comes in a pack of two candles. These lanterns are capable of withstanding any type of weather conditions and therefore, can be placed outdoors n courtyards and patios. These solar candles are extremely easy to operate as they are wireless and need to be placed in the lanterns only. You only need to hang them wherever you desire and then let them do their job. Moreover, the flickering effect of the flame of these candles adds a vintage beauty to your indoor environment. Also, you will experience a prolonged life span of the batteries with more than 10 thousand hours from these LED lights.


  • Easy installation
  • Automatic charging
  • Waterproof
  • Unique, vintage design


  • These solar lights require a sufficient amount of sunlight for effective charging.

5- ZHONG XIN Solar Lights

These solar candles are the ideal option to illuminate your homes, pathways, and parties. There are eight candles in one pack. The solar candles have a flickering flame, making them more realistic and safe for use than conventional candles made from wax. These solar candles for windows are flameless and give off no smoke. Each solar candle requires a rechargeable Ni-MH battery for operation. When fully charged, the battery will run for five hours at night. The candles are waterproof and can therefore be used safely in the outdoors. These candles will charge automatically in the daytime and will turn on when it gets dark.


  • Flickering flame
  • Easy use
  • Can be used outdoors and indoors
  • Comes with eight batteries and a user manual


  • The candles have shorter hours of illumination

Solar candles for windows: Buyers Guide


When buying solar candles for windows you need to decide whether you require a flickering flame or not. Also, you might like considering the flame’s color and the lights’ hue. So, you can go from contemporary to retro style or from amber to warm and soft. It is completely dependant on your home’s mood and style.


Solar candles for windows come in different materials such as plastic, wood, and glass. Moreover, you should also look at the bulb inside the candles as they can be replaceable too. This will help save money.


Size is another important consideration as you do not want the size to be too big or small, especially for solar candles for windows as this will affect its efficiency.


Make sure when buying the solar candles for windows, you buy the product which has longer battery life so that it can effectively illuminate the house at night. Mostly solar candles run 10 to 12 hours for six to eight hours of charging.


As compared to conventional candles, solar candles for windows cost more. The ones that are cheap are of lesser quality. Therefore, look for a product that does not compromise the quality and fits your budget.


Solar candles for windows are the safest and energy-efficient alternatives to conventional candles. These candles not only illuminate your homes but also provide a cozy and warm ambiance. Moreover, they are extremely safe to use and handle. With these solar lights, there is no worrying about hefty electricity bills or accidents, we have provided a complete guide of the best solar candles for windows available in the market. We hope you now know all the details of solar candles and you are now better informed to make the right choice as per your requirements. Happy shopping!

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