Solar Lighting for Indoors Areas: Yes or No?

Solar Lighting for Indoors Areas: Yes or No?

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Should you get solar lighting for indoors? Keep reading to find out! Power cuts and electricity bills are the worst. Fortunately, there’s a solution to this problem: introducing solar lighting for indoor areas! Solar lights can be a real lifesaver when camping, spending time outdoors, or if you’re stuck without power. Now, you can permanently install lights for indoor use so you’ll never have to be left in the dark again. Indoor solar lights can make a real difference when everyone else is without power.  In this article, I explain how effective solar lights are when used indoors. You’ll also read about the different types and how to install a simple solar lighting solution.

Indoor Solar Lights: Are They Effective?

Solar power has become increasingly popular worldwide. New manufacturers and innovations are popping up as we speak (or write), and the options are practically endless. There are many indoor solar lighting solutions to choose from. The sun is a renewable resource and is only halfway through its lifetime. We’ll still be able to harvest energy from it for a few billion years. Lights are one of the many things you can power with solar energy. Generally, they’re used outdoors, but you can use them in your house or other under-roof areas.

Solar lights typically work with a day and night sensor. The sensors detect when it’s dark outside and automatically turn the lights on. You can choose lights that connect to your solar grid at home or use their own individual panels to harvest energy. Most stand-alone lights use a single panel and battery. If you prefer an 1800s aesthetic, you can use portable solar lights for your indoor needs. They’re easy to charge outside and can be placed in selected spots to add light to your rooms, like lamps! One disadvantage is how inconvenient they tend to be. 

No matter which you choose, solar lights are an effective eco-friendly solution. They have many benefits, including their environmental footprint and cost. While you may initially pay more when investing in these lights, you’ll save money in the long run. Indoor solar lights can shine just as bright as regular ones and are easy to install and use. 

How To Set Up Solar Lighting for Indoors to Increase Efficiency 

There are several ways to set up indoor solar light solutions for ultimate efficiency. You can buy lights specially made for working with solar power or use solar-powered lights with their own panels. You don’t have to be an electrician or solar professional to install any of these and get them working. Almost all solar lights come with their wiring and batteries in place. You’ll only need to connect the wires and mount the panels. Here’s a quick instruction guide for installing solar lights with individual solar panels. 

What you’ll need to set up your Solar Lighting for Indoors

  • Solar Lights
  • Batteries
  • Electrical Wires
  • A Drill
  • Solar Panels
  • Brackets

Step 1: Install The Lights

Find the spot indoors where your lights will be most effective. You can mount them on the wall or the ceiling. Use a drill and screws to fix the fitting to the surface. 

Step 2: Mount The Solar Panels 

The best place for your solar panels would be on your roof. There should be direct sunlight for most of the day to charge the batteries for nighttime use. Charged batteries are also handy on cloudy days. Use your drill to make holes where you’ll affix the bracket to your roof. Mount the solar panel on the frame and ensure a snug fit. 

Step 4: Connect The Wiring

The final step is connecting the wires. Since most lights have built-in batteries, you only have to connect the light to its panel. In some cases, you’ll have to drill holes through your wall or ceiling for this. Always be careful while working with wires.

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The Best Type of Indoor Solar Lights

The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to solar lighting for  indoors. You can choose between regular fluorescent light bulbs, LED bulbs, and string lights, among many others. If you can’t have them all, I suggest going with rechargeable LED lights. Rechargeable and solar go like peanut butter and jelly! Besides having indoor lights during the day, you’ll have fully charged batteries to keep the lights on at night. Pair that with LED, which saves energy while giving a brighter light, and you have the perfect indoor solar light. 

LED lights have a lot of benefits compared to traditional fluorescent lamps. They last longer than other options and don’t waste energy on creating heat. 

Is Solar Lighting for Indoors

Solar lights won’t break your bank much more than regular lights do. The initial cost of solar panels and batteries may be high, but it’s nothing compared to the amount you’ll save on electricity over a few months. A smaller electrical bill isn’t the only benefit that solar lights hold. Solar energy is eco-friendly, so you end up saving the earth little by little.  For many, solar lights are the first investment when going off the grid. I also suggest starting with it. You may enjoy having lights that work during a power cut so much that you make a whole-house move to solar. 

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Solar Lighting for Indoors: Get them Before the Power Cuts

If you aren’t using solar lights for your indoor areas yet, looking out for power cuts can soon become part of your daily routine. Without solar lights, there’s a bigger chance that you’ll be left in the dark, however with something as cheap as aluminum foil you can make a solar panel and keep the lights running. Solar lights for indoor use are widely available, and there are types that’ll fit any aesthetic you’re going for. You don’t have to compromise. These lights will keep your indoor rooms lit while the power is out around you while saving you money and making the environment a greener space. There really isn’t anything that’ll make me not buy indoor solar lights at the moment. I hope this article was a great read and informative. If you have more questions about solar lights for indoor use, ask them in the comments, and I’ll get back to you!

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