Solar Powered Scooters: Are They Worth It?

Solar Powered Scooters: Are They Worth It?

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Solar Powered scooters are a great way to get around. If you have short daily commutes or like riding with your family, a solar powered scooter might be an excellent investment for you. These eco-alternative wheels are designed with solar panels inside them, and once you own it can use your emission-free scooter to ride to work, enjoy the neighborhood with your family, or take short trips around town. 

Some solar powered scooters are made especially for kids, while others work for teens through to adulthood. Solar scooters are a lifelong investment. If you take care of yours, you’ll get hundreds of miles! In this article, I explain why everyone seems to be interested in solar scooters, why you need to consider buying one, and if they’re worth their price tag!

Solar Powered Scooters: Why The Hype?

Solar powered scooters are like regular scooters, but better! They run on solar power, and that’s why tree huggers, solar lovers, and vehicle enthusiasts are going crazy for them. These scooters are eco-friendly and leave no harmful gasses behind. They run without gas, oil, coal, or other energy-producing pollutants.

Solar powered scooters have become increasingly popular since their arrival. If you don’t own one yet, you’re scooting behind! Here at SolarSena we love our solar powered scooters and they are one of the most popular ways for us to get around town, whether that be going out for a quick lunch, going to the beach, or meeting up with some friends after work, we all love solar scooters. 

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Reasons To Buy A Solar Powered Scooter

Solar Powered Scooters are Green!

The best reason to buy a solar powered scooter is knowing that you’ll contribute to a greener environment. These scooters don’t release carbon emissions into the air, and you don’t need to pedal them like a regular bike, so your carbon dioxide release will also be kept to a minimum! Riding a solar powered scooter is much better for the environment than riding a bicycle. 

Solar Powered Scooters Cost Less

It can be very expensive to go solar, but the benefits can definitely outweigh the costs. In this case, you save a lot of money on gas, petrol or diesel. Especially these days with the price of gas skyrocketing, minimizing your gasoline usage can save you tons of money.  Because you’ll never have to buy your power source, you’ll save your investment back in no time. 

They Charge With The Sun

There are many types of e-bikes available, but the most popular choice are those that recharge in the sun. Some scooters have plug points available, so you can charge them at home or at designated power hubs with electricity.


Others charge whenever they’re in the sun. These have solar panels built into them, ensuring they get enough sunlight. Solar scooters also have batteries to keep them running when the sun’s down. If you invest in these wheels, you won’t have to worry about your power source running out in a few years. The sun will still be around for a couple billion years or more to charge your scooter. You won’t be left stranded in this lifetime!

Less Wear, Tear, and Maintenance 

You don’t need to send your scooter in for a service as regularly as your car. Solar scooters use different engines with no moving parts. No moving parts also mean your bike won’t wear out that quickly. The only maintenance these scooters need is a good solar panel clean every now and then.

Takes Up Less Space

You don’t need a large garage or parking space to keep your wheels anymore. Solar powered scooters can be stored outside in a small area, and doing so even ensures that it stays fully charged. Most bikes are foldable, so you can pack them up and store them in a closet too!

They’re Durable

Solar powered scooters can last for decades. The solar panels in them are incredibly durable, and you won’t have to replace them yearly. The battery might need replacement every now and then. Your solar powered scooter will take you far on a fully charged battery, and the road can be endless when the sun’s out! These scooters are made for many terrains. Their tires have a firm grip and will last under harsh riding conditions.

Solar Scooters are Easy To Ride

Most states don’t require licensing to ride a solar scooter. Because these bikes have a low-speed limit, they’re easy to learn and operate. Even the worst driver can ride them without causing a major accident! Their controls are straightforward and responsive. 

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The Cost Of Solar Powered Scooters

The costs of solar powered scooters differ from store to store. The scooters’ quality, brand, and other specifications also impact their price.  They’re much cheaper than cars and even some regular and electric scooters. The solar panels and your first battery is included in the price. 


The cost to replace these items after a while is relatively inexpensive. You can find many online stores that stock solar powered scooters. Some global companies can have them shipped to you, or you can head to your nearest scooter store to see if they stock these. Some solar shops may have them in stock, or they can order one for you if they don’t. They may also be able to tell you where you could find one.

Are Solar Powered Scooters Worth Their Price?

Some may think solar scooters are ridiculously overpriced, but I consider them the best-priced wheels on the market! Considering that they run on solar power, are reliable, require little maintenance, and are easy to use, they’re worth their price tag. You will never have to buy any gas for your solar powered scooter, nor will you have to replace a part in the engine. They’re designed to last for a very long time and at a very low cost. 

In Ending

Investing in a solar powered scooter may seem above your pay grade, but if you use it daily, you’ll realize what a good buy it was! These eco-wheels can save you a lot of money, and they’ve proven to be highly reliable. 

If you buy a solar scooter with a rather large battery pack, it’ll take you far even when the sun’s not out. Your scooter will continue to charge while the sun is shining. I hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful. If you have more questions about solar powered scooters, pop them in the comments!


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