The 101 of Portable Solar Chargers for Electric Cars

The 101 of Portable Solar Chargers for Electric Cars

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If you own an electric car and don’t a portable solar charger for your electric car then you’re missing out big time! These can make your life much easier, making your vehicle investment worth it.  Electric cars are a great step towards a better future. Charging them? Not so much. Most people who own electric cars still use grid electricity to charge them.  In this article, I explain why this isn’t a sustainable method. You’ll also read about portable solar chargers and how having one will benefit you!

What Is a Portable Solar Charger For An Electric Car?

Electric cars don’t use petrol, diesel, or other gas types. The catch with these is that they run on electricity. All electric cars have a built-in battery that stores their power. The battery capacity is larger than a regular car, ensuring your vehicle stays “fueled.” When your car needs a recharge, you simply plug it into a power outlet. The energy gets distributed to your vehicle’s engine once you start driving. 

The main disadvantage of electric cars is that they need to stay parked in one spot until fully charged. Some gas stations have outlets, but since the concept is new, you won’t always find one. If you enjoy traveling, this is a definite roadblock. Until now. The geniuses of our world have devised a way to make charging your electric car more convenient. Introducing: the portable solar charger. You can now carry a portable solar charger with you on the road. A solar panel is built into the charger to harvest energy from the sun. These chargers can be used anywhere where it has access to sunlight.

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How Portable Solar Car Chargers Work

Using a portable solar car charger is as easy as driving a car! If there’s sunlight and a spot for your car to stand still for a while, you’ll be ready to hit the road again in a flash.  These chargers plug into your car like any other car charger. The difference is on the other side of the wiring – at the power source. Where there used to be a charging station, there is now a portable solar panel. 

You mount the panel to a spot where it will get optimal sunlight. Many people prefer putting it on the roof of their cars. If this makes you uncomfortable, you can find any other uncovered spot. All you have to do is wait for the solar panels to do their job. There are no extra costs involved in the process, and you can enjoy your daily excursions while your car charges.

If you’re planning to charge your car fully before driving off again, you’ll need between 6 and 8 hours. This may not sound ideal if you’re in a rush, but the benefits of electric cars outweigh this slight inconvenience. I suggest planning your trips with a few favorite spots in mind. 

The Cost and Effectiveness of Portable Solar Chargers for Electric Cars

Right now, it isn’t easy to find a portable solar charger for electric cars. If you have trouble getting your hands on one, you could try making your own. Here’s how their cost and effectiveness weigh up against regular chargers:

Charging Time: A solar-powered charger is just as effective as regular electric car chargers. Both need about the same time to fully charge your car. 

Cost: The cost of charging your electric car will differ. If you’re stopping at a gas station, they’ll charge you a fee for using their charger. If you’re doing it at home, you’ll have added costs to your monthly bill. With solar-powered chargers, you don’t pay additional costs upon the initial. They work out less in the long run. 

Environmental Impact: Besides the cost difference, solar chargers have another benefit topping electrical chargers. Using solar to charge your car is much better for the environment! Switching to an electric car will decrease your direct carbon footprint, but if you’re using grid electricity created with fossil fuels, you’re still contributing. 

Portable Solar Chargers Suitability 

You can charge any electric car with portable solar panels. If it can charge with electricity, solar power will do the trick too!

Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid vehicles make use of a combination of both electric engines and regular internal combustion engines. They run on electricity stored in battery packs and fuel or gas. Regular hybrid vehicles won’t work with solar panels because they don’t charge with electricity. Plug-in hybrid vehicles are a better match for portable solar chargers. 

Battery Electric Vehicles 

Battery electric vehicles are the type of car that only works with batteries.  You can use a portable solar charger with these cars since they plug into outlets to charge. They rely on the batteries charging fully to drive, and solar power can achieve this. 

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Are Portable Solar Chargers Worth It?

Portable solar chargers make the world a better place for everyone. The most significant benefit of electric cars, apart from being more cost-effective, is that it is the most eco-friendly vehicle. This doesn’t mean anything if the power source isn’t good for the environment. Regular electricity involves the burning of fossil fuels which releases harmful gasses. This breaks down the atmosphere and leads to global warming.

Solar chargers don’t harm the environment in any way, bringing back the eco-friendliness of electric carsThey’re also portable, making them more convenient. You can use them anywhere, so you aren’t bound to a single spot while your car charges.

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Last Thoughts of Portable Solar Chargers for Electric Cars

If you like traveling, keeping the environment clean, and saving money, you should definitely invest in a portable solar charger for your electric car. These can make your life easier while helping you achieve the goal you initially aimed for – helping the environment stay green.  If you can’t find a portable solar charger for your car, try contacting the manufacturer for leads. While making one is also possible, this is at own risk. It’s our goal here at SolarSena to introduce as many people as possible to the world of solar and sustainable energy so we hope you enjoyed our most recent article. If you still have unanswered questions, ask them in the comments!


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