The 500 Watt Solar Panel

The 500 Watt Solar Panel

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The 500 watt solar panel is a more industrial level of solar panel compared to the 200 watt solar panel, which can make choosing the right solar panels for your electricity needs both difficult and important. If you’ve heard about 500-watt solar panels and need more info, you’re in the right place. Many people consider smaller solar panels ideal, but there’s no harm in considering this larger size.  Different factors will influence your choice of solar panel. The installation space you have available, your power needs, and your budget will ultimately determine what you buy. In this article, you’ll read more about 500-watt solar panels. I explain what they’re best used for and share the estimated budget you should have to purchase them. 

Appliances You Can Use with a 500-watt Solar Panel

500-watt solar panels are huge and heavy. They’re one of the bulkiest sizes. You won’t see many of these because they have not been around for long. They also aren’t as popular yet. Many people don’t know that 500-watt solar panels are incredibly efficient. They generate a lot more power than the smaller sizes. If your house or business uses electricity like there’s no tomorrow, you’ll definitely benefit when using one of these. 

  • Large Installations: Agricultural smallholdings and farms can use 500-watt solar panels. These panels need lots of space, and working farms typically need lots of electricity. The perfect combination! You can set up solar power to run everything that requires energy – from your milking station to the grain mixer. 
  • Commercial Use: If your business premises have a large enough roof, you can quickly install a few 500-watt solar panels. Using solar power can significantly benefit your business. You’ll save money on utility bills and assure customers that your company is more sustainable. 
  • Residential Use: You’ll likely struggle to fit 500-watt solar panels on your roof, but if you can, do it! They’ll be more efficient than smaller panels, so you’ll need less. Paired with a large battery setup, the chances are slim that you’ll ever run out of power. 
  • Industrial Setups: Industrial areas are home to large-scale productions that need lots of space. You can utilize open areas by installing 500-watt solar panels. With a few of these, you can power your entire business, including the machines in your factory. Saving money on electricity can allow you to lower your prices or make more profit!

Things You Can Power with a 500-watt Solar Panel

You can’t take a 500-watt solar panel on camping trips, and many homes don’t have roofs big enough to fit them. So what can you do with these large solar panels?You can use multiple 500-watt solar panels to power small or large-scale production lines if you have the space. Bigger homes and those with yard space can accommodate these panels to power everyday appliances. One 500-watt solar panel can power the following:

  • Low Power Usage Appliances: 500-watt solar panels can power everything smaller panels like the 200-watt, 300-watt, and 400-watt can. This includes devices and appliances you use daily. 

You can charge multiple cell phones, laptops, LED lights, and portable speakers with a 500-watt panel. While this happens, you can sit back, watch TV, and enjoy a cold drink from your bar fridge. Small eco-friendly kitchen appliances can also stay on with a 500-watt solar panel. This includes the fridge, microwave, and toaster. 

  • Medium Power Usage Appliances: Some appliances use an amount of power that falls somewhere between very little and a lot. You can power most of them with a single 500-watt solar panel.


Medium power usage appliances include things like a ceiling fan and a food processor. Even 25 miles of electric fencing isn’t too heavy on power for a single 500-watt solar panel.

  • High Power Usage Appliances: 500-watt solar panels are one of the largest available. They take up a lot of space but generate just as much power. You can power some high-power usage appliances with a single one. 

You can use your washing machine to do laundry, dry them afterward in the tumble dryer and finish things off with the iron. Some energy-saving fridges and freezers can also stay on for extended periods. You might even be able to cook on an energy-efficient stovetop and grill some food in the oven using a single 500-watt solar panel.

500 watt solar panel

The Cost of a 500-watt Solar Panel

A 500-watt solar panel comes with a pretty high price tag. While solar power has multiple benefits, like utility savings and contributing to a green environment, not everyone can afford these panels. On average, you can expect to pay around $600 for a 500-watt solar panel. Solar panel prices average between $0.7 and $1.5 per watt in the US. It’s easy to calculate the cost of a 500-watt solar panel with this formula:

solar panel price = price per watt x watts

The cheapest 500-watt solar panel will cost about $350. The most expensive – an estimate of $750. 

500 watt solar panel

Are 500-watt Panels The Biggest There Is?

Surprisingly, no. While 500-watt solar panels are pretty hard to install, there are sizes even bigger than this! Risen Solar manufactures a 700-watt solar panel. Just behind them is Trina Solar, with panels of 670 watts. These are much bigger than 500-watt panels. You’ll rarely see them used around town. If you want to go big, a 500-watt solar panel is your best option. These are easier to find and have an impressive output. Your chances of finding installers for this size solar panel is also higher.

Go Big, Go Solar!

Solar power is gaining popularity by the day. The invention of 500-watt solar panels is just the beginning. Manufacturers are already experimenting with going bigger. The ultimate goal is to ensure our whole plant is lit with sustainable power. If your budget allows it and you have the space, choosing 500-watt solar panels is worth it. The chances are you’ll generate more power than you need in a day, ensuring you always have enough for emergencies. Did you learn what you wanted about 500-watt solar panels? If you liked this article, let me know in the comments!


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