Can A Solar Panel Run A Cooler? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Can A Solar Panel Run A Cooler? Here’s What You Need to Know!

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The best way to be independent is to go off the grid. Buying a some solar lights or a solar cooler for your camping trip is one great step in this direction! Solar panel-driven fridges aren’t as popular yet, but there are portable coolers that can help you out when the power shuts off or you’re out of electricity range. 

Perishable food is often the healthiest, and you’ll need a cooler to keep it fresh when you’re on the road or on a camping trip. In this article, I share what you need to know about solar coolers and give you the scoop on how to pick the best one!

What is a Solar Panel Cooler?

Solar panel coolers run directly on sun-generated energy and are powered by solar thermal or photovoltaic energy. They don’t require ice or an on-grid electricity source. 

These coolers are available in various sizes, from a compact camp cooler to a large one that can replace your home fridge. 

Can a Solar Panel Run a Cooler?

Yes, solar panels can run coolers of various sizes. Most coolers work with batteries, but bigger fridges used in household kitchens can also be connected to a solar system for power.

There are three battery types typically used to run a cooler with solar energy:

  • A 12V battery installed in a trailer or recreational vehicle
  • A portable power station
  • A built-in battery

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How To Keep a Cooler Cold on Solar Power

A cooler uses power differently than other appliances do. If there are many cold items in your cooler, it will stay colder for longer. 

If your cooler doesn’t have a lot of items in it, it will need to turn on more often. Every time the air compressor starts up, a power surge occurs. If you keep your cooler cold, this won’t happen as often. 

To keep your cooler at a cold temperature while using solar power, stock up on cold drinks and meats!

The Disadvantages of Powering Your Cooler with Solar Energy

Contributing to a greener environment and saving on sky-high electricity prices is reason enough to invest in a solar system for cooling your fridge. Still, there are some things to consider before splurging your budget on one.

System Setup

You’ll need a battery and inverter to run your fridge on solar energy, and these can be pretty expensive. Cooler models with built-in batteries will also have a heavier price tag.

An inverter is important if your cooler runs on an alternating current (AC) instead of a direct one. Solar panels generate direct currents (DC), and these need to be inverted to an AC for compatibility with most coolers. You should buy an inverter with a high-efficiency rating to ensure much power isn’t lost during the conversion. 

Batteries come in handy during the night and on cloudy days. If your cooler has a battery setup, it’ll stay colder for longer, and you won’t have to worry about food going bad. 

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It Needs The Sun

Solar panels can’t generate energy without sun rays hitting directly on them. If you experience continuous cloudy weather or find yourself on a camping site with lots of shade, your solar panel system won’t power your cooler as it should. 

Higher Investment

Solar coolers generally have a higher investment than conventional ones. This is due to the high cost of solar equipment and the additional components needed to run these coolers. 

Solar Refrigeration Limitations

There are a few solar refrigerators on the market, but they aren’t as popular as conventional ones yet.

Manufacturing a solar refrigerator for commercial use is expensive and requires specialized skill sets. The cost of solar equipment is high, the efficiency is low, and because they’re so large, many people choose to not use them. 

Solar Cooler Offerings From GoSun

If you buy the right products, you’ll be energy independent whenever the power goes out, or you need to travel to a place with limitations. 

GoSun has some incredible solar coolers on offer. Here’s what you can expect:

GoSun Solar Cooler Offers

GoSun has some excellent portable solar coolers for sale that run on a 12-volt battery, solar power, or grid power. They don’t need ice to operate and will keep your goods frozen, cold, dry, and organized. 

Solar coolers from GoSun are perfect for at-home use, camping, long road trips, and the beach! They have a spacious design and can reach 35 degrees in less than 20 minutes. If you include a power bank in your purchase, you can keep the cooler running even when the sun’s not out. 

The entire cooler gets cold, not just the walls, to ensure that your food and drinks are cooled to the max. GoSun has multiple options available to fit every need and budget.

Final Words

A standalone solar system is great for homes, but having a portable solar device can be handy if you travel a lot. Solar coolers will freeze your frozen goods, keep your other foods and drinks cold, and help you prepare fresh meals while you’re on the go. 

There are many solar coolers to choose from. If you shop around, you’ll definitely find one that suits your needs and wallet.

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