Choosing the Best Solar Lights for Trampoline

Choosing the Best Solar Lights for Trampoline

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If your family has a trampoline, than you know how much fun can be had bouncing around for hours on these amazing contraptions. When I was growing up my best friend from around 4th grade throughout high school had a trampoline, and we spent countless hours on that thing. We were never bored and the only time we ever decided to get off was when we couldn’t see where we were bouncing, that’s where solar lights for a trampoline come into play. In this article I will go over some of the reasons why you should consider getting solar lights for your trampoline, and why they will make your trampoline more fun for the entire family.

Why Get Solar Lights For A Trampoline?

You might be thinking, why is it necessary for me to get solar lights for my trampoline? My kids have enough time during the day to play on it, is it even worth it for me to buy them. Well as someone who used to love trampolines, having the ability to go outside and play on them anytime you want is one of the best feeling ever. During the summer when the sun does not set until 8:30 was my favorite time of the year because I could go to my friends how and we could play for hours on his trampoline. Solar lights on your trampoline allow you to do that all year round. 

Most trampolines are in the back yard, either imbedded in the ground or on a stand. Because of this they are normally a good distance away from any outlets and running extension cords through your backyard to get lighting to your trampoline just does not look very good. Solar lights fix this problem immediately. Solar power is only getting better and now you can have solar powered lights strong enough to last for hours throughout the night, available when every you want, all without any wiring, extension cords, or costly batteries. 

Set up is as simple as buying your preferred brand of solar lights, attaching them to your trampoline, and waiting for the sun to come up. Putting solar lights on your trampoline will allow anyone in the family to use the trampoline whenever they want and illuminate your backyard easily for a safer home. All this without having to run extension cords through your yard, or buy batteries every two weeks when you want to use your trampoline at night. Solar lights are self-sustaining, relatively in expensive, and an excellent solution for anyone that if looking to get more night time use out of their trampolines. 

What are the Best Solar Lights for a Trampoline?

Like most things in this world there is not a straight answer to this question and unfortunately, the best solar lights for your trampoline might be very different than the best ones for someone else’s. However, we believe that our list of three solar lights will give you the best range of options to choose from so that you can make the decision that the best for your specific trampoline needs. 

Best Solar Light for Above Ground Trampoline

Our first choice is for lighting up an above ground trampoline with lights that will appease a children’s desire for colorful lights while at the same time satisfying a parents need for adequate and safe lighting. The JMEX lights are solar powered, multicolored, waterproof led lights that are perfect for lighting up your trampoline in a multitude of extraordinary colors. This was one number one just for a few different reasons. First it has high output. The LED lights are powerful and will light up your whole trampoline with no issues. Second, it is remote operated which means you can turn the lights on and off with the press of a button. No need to walk outside if you forget to turn the lights off, simple press the button on the remote and you’re good to go. Finally, they are waterproof. While most solar powered lights are waterproof we wanted to make sure that the ones we recommended were. 

Best Solar Light for Embedded Trampoline

Our second choice is slightly more sophisticated and would be best for a trampoline that is embedded in the ground. The LEREKAM lights are ground based solar powered lights are are an excellent choice for the ground trampoline. They are extremely easy to install, high powered, and very inexpensive for what you are getting. In our opinion these solar powered light make a great addition to any back yard. Classy, powerful, and inexpensive these are our number one choice for a ground based trampoline and will light up your backyard enough for anyone to have a great time at night. 

Best Roof Solar Light for Trampoline

The final option on our list is more of a roof based solar floodlight. Not specifically designed for trampolines these solar lights are built to illuminated a whole area not just one location. We have tested and tried out numerous different solar flood light and we believe that the GLORIOUS Lite provides the best bang for your buck. Priced at less than $100 for a pack of two, these adjustable solar floodlights provide a 1600 lumen brightness for nearly an hour on a full charge. These solar floodlights illuminate your whole yard and are great not only for trampolines but social gatherings and events as well. 


If you are thinking of getting solar lights for your trampoline than you came to the right place. We believe that solar lights are a great addition to any trampoline set up and with the three options that we provided you we are confident you can find a solution that can accommodate your specific needs. Solar lights for a trampoline can be fun, sophisticated, and inexpensive, and we truly believe that they are worth what you will spend. Having some peace of mind while your kids are playing at night is priceless, and will solar powered lights on your trampoline you can be confident that your children are safe. We hope you enjoyed this article on solar lights for  trampolines, and we can’t wait to see you on our next article. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why should I get solar lights for my trampoline?

Having your trampoline lit up at night will allow your kids to safely play in the dark, give you peace of mind at night, and light up your backyard in an easy and cost effective way. 

How much do solar light for a trampoline cost?

As with most products there are a number of factors to consider when discussing cost, however on average we believe you can expect to spend between $50 and $100 to light up your trampoline with solar powered lights. 


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