Choosing the Best Solar Rings for Pool

Choosing the Best Solar Rings for Pool

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Solar technology advancements have completely changed the lives of people. One very new and impressive innovation is the solar pool ring. The name may be sounding fancy but believe us, they are the best solution to heat your pools without being heavy on your pockets. We provide you a complete guide about solar pool rings which will help you in choosing the best solar pool ring available.

Solar Pool Ring

A solar pool ring is also called a solar sun ring or a solar cover. These covers are similar to a regular pool cover. These covers help in keep away the debris and also save the maintenance costs. Moreover, they help to heat swimming pools and also reduce evaporation.

How do Solar Pool Rings work?

The purpose of the solar pool rings is to provide warm water for your swimming pools despite what the weather conditions are just like solar pool heaters. However, these rings are even more convenient since they require no power source. Heat can be retained between the two layers of the solar pool rings. UV-resistant Vinyl material is used for the layers. The sunlight is directed from the first layer to the blue layer placed beneath. 50% of the solar energy is absorbed by the lower layer and gets converted into heat.

Moreover, the two vinyl layers also hold some of the insulated air and transfer it into water. This in turn heats the water of the swimming pool and also prevents the heat to escape from the water surface. The water temperature can be increased by 4 degrees Celsius by using these rings. Furthermore, they help reduce evaporation and also protect the pool pumps. All of this leads to cost savings in terms of electricity bills.

Solar Pool Rings: Buyer’s Guide

1- Quality: It is an essential factor for solar pool rings. You have to make sure that both the layers of the solar pool rings are made up of vinyl since it is UV resistant. Also, make sure that the product you are buying is durable since, with use, these rings can break at the edges.

2- Pool size: Another important factor is the size of the pool. Make sure that the pool rings are covering the pool area efficiently. Buy those rings which suit your pool size, therefore check the size of the pool before buying one.

3- Design: Usually solar pool rings have a lower layer which is in blue color. This layer absorbs the heat and transfers it into the pool water. These rings have various shapes, sizes and patterns to choose from.

4- Product reviews: Go through the product reviews before you buy a product. Read the instructions very carefully so that all the requirements can be fulfilled properly.

5- Warranty: If you’re going to buy an expensive product then keep in mind that it comes with a warranty. So that you are guaranteed that if the product wears out, within a certain time span, you can get it replaced.

Benefits of using a solar cover

Following are the reasons why you should consider covering your pools with solar covers:

  • It helps save energy. If compared to gas pool heaters or electric heat pumps, solar covers have nominal costs.
  • It helps minimize evaporation. If your pools are not covered, you can lose water, two inches per week to be precise. Moreover, due to evaporation around 75% of the heat gets lost. So, solar pool covers help in eliminating evaporation entirely and also help in saving a lot of resources.
  • Solar pool covers help in preventing algae growth and debris accumulation. It will help keep away the pesky debris and spores of algae. So, your pools can stay clean longer and will also cut down on the maintenance cost.
  • Solar pool covers help increase your pool season by keeping the water warm and comfortable.

5 Best Solar Pool Rings

1. Intex Solar Cover

The solar ring cover has a powerful heating system. These rings are a suitable option for above and underground pools. These solar rings can help reduce 95% of the evaporation. You can be sure of maximum heating capacity and prolonged pool season. The ring also has drain holes so that the water accumulation can be prevented and also provides a hassle-free user experience. The Intex ring can be stored very conveniently as it comes with a portable carry bag. Also, the high heating capacity of the ring makes it more powerful as compared to the traditional pool heating system.

This is a picture of Solar cover used for swimming pools.


  • Easy to install and carry
  • Lightweight
  • Zero maintenance
  • High efficiency


  • No support to weight

2. Solar Sun Rings Solar Pool Heater (10)

These rings are made up of two-layer of UV-resistant vinyl which can help in keeping your pool warm for long periods of time. The layer on the top is transparent and can absorb more than half of the solar light. Moreover, the blue color helps in absorbing the sunlight more quickly. The ring is circular in shape and the round part is a little higher. This design helps in keeping the water warm for a long period of time. There are 10 separate solar rings, and each of them has 6 magnets attached. The process to install the rings is very convenient and they can be stored easily without any hassle.


  • Very good quality
  • The rings have a beautiful palm tree design
  • They are suitable for pools of varying size
  • Easy to use


  • The rings cannot sustain windy weather.

3. SSR SSRA-100 Solar Sun Rings Pool Water Heater w/ Anchors

These solar rings are the best option for the people who have swimming pools in the shade as they can provide an efficient heating system. Moreover, these rings help in reducing water evaporation. These solar rings are perfect for those pools which cannot be covered by using a single cover. You can get sun protection and heat maximization at the places you require. The rings come with anchors to keep them together so that they do not float whimsically around the pool. The rings are made up of two UV-resistant vinyl layers. The first layer transfers the heat to the second layer which then warms the pool’s water. The rings are inflatable and have a 60-inch diameter.


  • Convenient for heating large pools
  • Higher heating efficiency
  • Equipped with an anchor so that the rings stay in place


  • These rings are comparatively expensive as compared to a traditional pool cover.

4. Solar Sun Ring Pool 21,000 BTU Cover Heating Spa Pool Heater

These solar pool rings are passive heating devices for swimming pools and are made up of vinyl discs. These discs can be placed conveniently on the surface of your pool. Moreover, you can trim this ring according to your pool size and also for hot tubs which are 68 to 102 inches. One size fits all pools. The product comes in a circular shape and therefore, it works well for pools ranging from 68″-102″. These solar rings can cover the maximum area of your pool (70-80%). The ring provides 21,000 BTU daily for each unit. The rings are easily inflatable and have a 60-inch diameter. This is an extremely convenient, affordable, and effective way to keep your pools warm and extend your pool season.


  • The rings provide 21000 BTU daily
  • Fits all swimming pools
  • Easy to use and install


  • The coverage area is small therefore, lesser debris is kept out.

5.SwimWays 17400 Pool Heater ThermaSpring Solar Mat

The SwimWays solar mat is a good option for someone looking for solar covering to fit different shapes of the pool. This mat comes in an oval shape and thus, you can stack many rings side by side. This will help cover large areas of the pool. Moreover, this helps reduce the evaporation of the pool water. You will have more insulation and lesser debris. The solar cover has two layers and is able to convert 50% of the solar energy to heat. The twist-and-fold spring technology makes it easier to use and install. These mats measure 67 inches in length and weigh only 2.65 pounds. The edges of the mat have string rings for stability. Ideally, the rings should cover 70 to 80% of the pool area for maximum efficiency.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use and install
  • Offer greater insulation and high heating efficiency
  • The design is compatible with all kinds of pools


  • Light enough to be blown away by strong winds.


Solar pool rings are the best choice when looking for a quick heating solution for swimming pools. You need to make sure that these rings are not too lightweight that they get blown away by the wind. Also, they should not be very heavy that they sink in water. We hope to make the decision of choosing the best solar rings for the pool easier for you.

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