How to Choose the Best Solar Lights for Chain Link Fence

How to Choose the Best Solar Lights for Chain Link Fence

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Land owners are always thinking about how to secure their property, and one of the best ways they can do this is to get solar lights for their chain link fence. Whether it’s a home, a farm, a school, a business, or another type of property, security and safety is always top of mind for folks. I remember growing up how important it was to feel secure and safe at home, and also at school. A lot of that sense of security came from two things: proper fencing and lighting.

When you have fences around your property, it defines the boundaries of your territory. It’s a clear marker which tells other people, be they friendly pedestrians or nefarious criminals, “this is my land and you are not to cross this fence!” 

In addition to wanting a safe and secure fencing system, property owners want to ensure that the areas around the fence and the border of their property are well-light when it is dark out. This lighting services two purposes:

  1. Enhanced visibility for workers, delivery people, walkers, and others
  2. Enhanced security and deterrence to criminals who might want to break in.

Thus, keeping your fence well lit is a top priority.

Why Use Solar Lights for a Chain Link Fence? 

Many commercial property owners will opt for chain link fences, which are reliable, sturdy, and hard to break through. This makes them a staple of businesses, schools, office parks, and more. To keep your chain link fence secure, you’ll want a reliable lighting system. If you opt for a typical plug-in lighting system, you’ll have to pay a lot for electricity, deal with a huge amount of wires, and worry about people or animals cutting those wires. 

Without solar lights, you might end up with a broken into chain link fence!

A great option for property owners to save money, be environmentally responsible, and ensure great security and safety are to get solar lights for their chain link fence. When you go solar, you harness the power of the sun to keep your lights on. This means no burdensome wire or power bills. Given the options on the market, you’ll have plenty of options and will be able to find one that fits your budget, sizing, and power needs. 

How to Choose the Best Solar Light for Chain Link Fence?

When you’re choosing a solar light to add to your chain link fence for safety and security, you’ve got to consider several things.

Use Case

Will you be using just a few lights at home, or do you own a massive warehouse and need dozens of lights all around a large chain link fence? Do you live in an area where the elements are intense, or is it sunny and fair-weather all year? Do you want colored lights, motion sensors, or any other unique features? Depending on your answers to these questions, you can build a profile of the kind of light you are looking to get. 


You can get as little as 1 or 2 lights, or you can get a huge array of hundreds. Because of the advances in the solar product market, there should be no logisitacl obstacle to getting as many solar lights as you need to cover all of your fences.

Design and Durability

When you buy a solar light, you want to make sure its going to attach correctly to your chain link fence and also last for a long time.  You don’t want to have to replace your solar lights after just a few months – you want to make sure you buy a set that will last. Additionally, think about your chain link fence and where you will attach the solar lights: is it on the fence itself, or would a solar light that attaches to the metal post be a better choice?

Power, Battery, and Charging

Like all solar products, solar chain link fence lights come in all power levels and battery designs. You should think about what power level you want and how bright the light needs to be, Additionally, you should make sure that your solar lights have a strong battery that can charge quickly. It’s not much use to have a solar light which only gets half a charge during the day and then doesn’t have enough juice to run through the night. 

A Few Solar Lights We Like for Use on Chain Link Fences

If you’re interested in checking out some solar lights for chain link fences, we’ve got you covered. We’ve evaluated a few options for you to consider. 

Best Solar Light for Chain Link Fence – ROSHWEY Stainless Steel Solar Lamps

These ROSHWEY solar lights are built to last, with a stainless steel frame. Powered by a 4 x 1 inch solar panel and secured by a 1600 mAh battery, you’ll have bright light throughout the evening to keep your fence well lit. Additionally, you get IP 55 waterproofing which means you don’t have to worry about occasional rain – these solar lights can withstand it!

One thing in particular I like about the Roshwey solar lights for chain link fences is that the adhesive allows you to attach it securely to the fence. This works really well and I am impressed by its sturdiness. Overall, you get a durable, strong light, and good battery life with the ROSHWEY solar lamps for use on your chain link fence. 

Best Motion Sensor Option – SEZAC Solar Security Lights

Some folks don’t want or need a consistent source of light. Instead, they want a solar light to attach to their chain link fence that only turns on when it detects motion. Whether you want this feature to light up potential intruders, for us in your backyard for safety, or to notify you when animals are in the yard, a motion sensor can go a long towards preserving nice darkness unless motion is detected.

SEZAC’s solar lights are a great choice for folks like this who want a motion sensor solar light for their chain link fence. It’s got a strong 2000 mAh battery and 3 different lighting modes, which you can tune to your needs. The motion sensor generally tactivates at around 10 feet or less, though it can go up to 16 feet depending upon the conditions. You also get IP 65 waterproofing and a wide range of lighting. Overall, the SEZAC solar light is a good motion sensor lighting option for your chain link fence. 

Best Solar Lights for Metal Fence Post –  MAGGIFT Solar Post Lights

If you’ve got a big chain link fence, odds are you have metal fence posts between links which may be a great spot to attach your solar lights. If that sounds like you, you should check out the MAGGIFT Solar Post Light, which is a especially designed for metal fence posts and will offer good 360 degree visibility. This pack comes with 6 lights, and has a nifty feature where they turn on at night and back off once the sun comes up. This means you get the most out of the battery and don’t have to manually switch them on or off. The material is pretty solid and durable, so I wouldn’t worry about degradation under the elements. If you want a great solar light for metal fence post, this is it!


Best Colored Solar Lights – Otdair Solar Fence Lights

If you’re using solar lights on your chain link fence mostly for aesthetic purposes, and want to add some color to your life, one cool option is the Otdair solar fence light. When you attach these solar lights to your chain link fence, you’ll get up to 7 color options, including exotic ones like pink and teal. They are also surprisingly durable given their affordable price, with IP65 waterproofing and a decently strong battery. While you might not want to use these on your massive commercial property, for a homeowner who wants a colorful solar light for their fence, the Otdair model is a good choice!


When looking for solar lights for your chain link fence, you need to consider the design, durability, power, and features of the lights. Once you’ve assessed your use case, you can then find the best solar light for chain link fences by evaluating our options. This solar light will help keep your property safe and secure, while also reducing your emissions output! It’s a win-win on all fronts and it will be a great investment for any kind of chain link fence set-up. 

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